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  in Career | Published 2019-02-21 11:07:14 | 65 Reads | Unrated


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New job opportunity brings in a revered feeling. One is highly self-motivated and since it is change for good, you reach a level of elation, depending upon the job offer you have got. With all kind of newness, it as well brings in, its own set of new trials. The most expected challenge is of how to get adapted to the new place, new boss, new team, altogether a new environment. Each one of us has our own methodology and way of handling the challenges. But than a little help is no harm, hence, we have listed below some common but impactful tactics one should follow for better adaptability in n

ew job.


1. Ask questions – As said, no question is foolish. Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts and confusions about the new place, about your job role, about the expectation of your manager and etc. Different questions open you up to new possibilities and create a more flexible, agile mind-set. It as well reflects your interest and enthusiasm to work in the company. Asking question and being curious to understand and know more is positive sign that you send to your boss or team.


2. Be Punctual – Being punctual demonstrates your commitment evidently. Make sure to be on time, from the first day of your work. An image of a punctual employee is quite impactful, in terms of your seriousness towards your job and your intentions to be in long term association with the company.


3. Avoid comparisons - It comes in unconsciously, we often compare new things with old ones. Likewise, we tend to start assessing our new work place with the old work place. And knowingly or unknowingly we discuss it with our colleagues as well. It is advised, strictly not to do so, especially in front of the new colleagues as it may give them a very unwelcoming vibes from you. Avoid talking about how you did things at your old job. It's a big temptation, but a serious mistake.


4. Pay attention to the Culture – Every work place has its own set of work principles, depending upon the type of industry or sector and other factors, the Organization you have joined, is in. Try and get accustomed with the new work culture as there are many new aspects of professionalism that you can learn from getting exposed to work in a different work culture.


5. Offer helping hand and take initiatives – It’s very important to be approachable and be helpful. Your approachable and helpful gesture will help you become a good team player and may a great team leader as well. Take initiatives to help your team and other department colleagues, if they require. It brings a speedy acceptance of you amongst the other employees of the company.


6. Know your colleagues from other departments – Identify people in other departments with whom your job requires coordination. Develop rapport with those team members who would help you perform. Pay courtesy visits to some key people in the Management, like – your HOD, HR Head, Training Manager or HODs of the closely coordinated department. Self-introduction to the key people will help you in your work and for your future references as well.


7. Elude cliques – It’s always good to know your colleagues, but strictly avoid getting into a group and gossips. Since you are new in the company and might become an easy catch in the gossip, which can lead to negative image building.


8. Adjustment takes time – Often one is in dilemma at a new work place for various reasons, the top most being the KRA’s or job responsibility. For instance, you may land into a situation, where in, whatever was discussed about your job role during your interview discussion, post joining, you realise the responsibilities given to you is completely different. Don’t be fast on your reaction, at times the Manager also intends to check your work flexibility by giving a different set of responsibilities to you. Try and be in a complete learning mode, at least till the time you have put your foot strong in the company. Always remember that adjustment in a new place takes a while and comes with lots of unwanted & unexpected challenges.


9. Be a beginner – Of course, you have been hired on the basis of your experience and learning. But it is always better to start a new beginning as a beginner. It keeps your mind open to new learnings and helps you mould in the new work environment. Use your past experiences, only to apply when you need to tackle situations but to learn always be a starter.


10. Accept mistakes – You will make mistakes while trying to adapt yourself in a completely new set up. There is nothing to feel embarrassed or bad about. Not wasting much time, take the accountability of your mistake and come up with solutions and alternatives, which will as well help you positively impacting your team or your boss. It’s apparent to make mistakes in the learning process and it is nothing to be too much demotivated about.


11. Propose ideas for improvement – Always share your ideas or something new that you want to bring in, in your department, in written (mostly emails). But don’t start bombarding your ideas on the first day of your job. Wait and observe for some time, may be for couple of weeks and find a way and a suitable timeline to propose your new thoughts.


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