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3 Reasons to Utilize Retargeting Advertising By Nicholas Jarder

  in Internet | Published 2012-08-13 07:00:15 | 116 Reads | Unrated


The Internet is a massive place, full of websites that are trying to get your attention at all costs Many even pay for you to visit them in hopes of gathering riches from our clicks, purchases and more

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The Internet is a massive place, full of websites that are trying to get your attention at all costs. Many even pay for you to visit them in hopes of gathering riches from our clicks, purchases and more. However, as time goes on, the Internet world is getting very savvy, and the same tricks and tips that worked before are not so swift in today’s market. In fact, many marketing agents are having a hard time figure out how to appeal to the latest crop of web users. With so many people on the Internet, and millions learning faster than ever what the tricks are in advertising, it seems like
ecommerce solutions are fighting for every conversion possible. While it is not always easy to gain a new following, there are ways to move forward, even if customers are gaining a foothold in how to avoid being sold to. Consider the following 3 reasons to utilize retargeting advertising as your main source of promotion, and watch the traffic and conversions fly.

3 Reasons Retargeting Advertising Works

1. Circulation – A web user drops in on your page but is not necessarily impressed with what you’re offering, so they bow out. They then visit another page where you strategically are advertising on, and they see your ad, click on it and visit your page again. By the sheer fact that a web user has landed on your page, and are now somewhat familiar to them, they’ll be more inclined to purchase something. Even if they leave again, and are reminded to go back via another ad, you’ll get their attention several times until you wear them down. Familiarity is key to gaining a foothold in the online world.
2. Authority – Smart web users not only manage to seek out companies that know what they are doing, but also make sure that they are not some random, fly by night company. In order to look more authoritative it’s important to appear as though you’re everywhere. In order to do this, you have to advertise throughout similar niches and networks to gain audiences wherever anyone goes. If a user leaves your site, and travels to a similar niche site, your ad should be there to greet them.
3. The Numbers – Analytics play a big part in retargeting advertising, especially since there are a great deal of reasons why people land on a page and leave. If you can pinpoint the reasons why people are landing on your page and the point of their exits, you can properly implement a retargeting plan to get them coming back and finally purchasing something or following your call to action.

The aforementioned are just 3 reasons, but there is other research that suggests even more information about the subject matter. Do not be foiled by web users that are becoming smarter by the day. Not only do they seem to have ad blindness, they only visit what is familiar to them. If you want to join in on the familiarity of the websites they are visiting, you must market to them in a way that is savvy and out of the ordinary.


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