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5 Essential Power Transmission Tools for Every Business By Kirti Goenka

  in Business | Published 2019-07-11 12:31:19 | 16 Reads | Unrated


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The power transmission is the movement of the energy from the place of generation to another location of the application. This is where it is applied for performing some useful work. Every business needs its go-to essential power tool for use. The preference over the device may be because of the tool's versatility, power, or the ease to use. These tools help in maximizing productivity and help reach the target required. Here is a list of 5 essential power transmission tools for every business.

  1. Time Belt Pulley

The timing belt pulleys are one of the ess

ential parts of Power Transmission drives. These tools are described as belts with integrally moulded teeth on the inside that makes positive engagement along with the axially grooved pulley. The industrial pulleys are appreciated mainly for the high performance, ability to resist corrosion and durability.

These tools are precisely engineered for the attaining the positive press fit comprising minimum belt wobble. These are designed for optimizing the durable working service and performance life of the timing belt drive system.

  1. Flywheel

Flywheels are essential power transmission tools that have helped the smooth flow of energy in the machines. With time, more and more modern devices have found their way to the buses, automobiles, cranes, and trains, which is typically in the form of regenerative braking. In such cases, otherwise wasted energy from a vehicle being decelerated is captured and then converted into usable power.

This works by accelerating a rotor to a very high speed. This energy is temporarily stored as kinetic energy or rotational one. This power can be later converted to the power of a useful form in which it can start moving the vehicle once again, for example.

  1. Universal joint

A universal joint is a mechanical and positive connection between the rotating shafts that are usually not parallel but intersecting. These are beneficial in transmitting motion, power, or even both. These are available in thermoplastic body members or steel. These are made of steels that comprise of maximum load-carrying capacity for a particular given size. These joints have been designed for absorbing speed fluctuations and torque. These efficiently operate reliably without making much noise and have a long life.

  1. Chain drives

Chain drives comprise of an endless series of chain links which mesh with the toothed sprockets. These sprockets are locked to the drive shafts and the driven machinery. These tools represent a kind of flexible gearing. The chain acts as a gear rack, while the sprockets are a lot similar to the pinion gears. These are beneficial for providing a particular form of transmission of power.

  1. Automatic Come Along Clamps

This is another essential power transmission tool for a lot of businesses. These are made up of high tensile steel alloy, heat treated, hot forged, zinc plated and precision machined which are available in aluminium for the steel or aluminium conductors, whereas bronze is possible for copper conductors.


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