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An Ultimate Guideline to Thrive Your Social Media Marketing in China By Damon Za

  in Marketing | Published 2019-08-22 01:45:44 | 27 Reads | Unrated


Continue reading the article to explore four top tips from experts to make your social media marketing in China a hit.

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It’s tempting that the core concept of social media marketing in China is not too much different from the west even though its digital landscape is much dissimilar. So, before beginning your marketing voyage, it’s vital for you to locate a professional social media marketing group specializing in China that can formulate the right marketing strategies suiting to your product/ services, target audience, and marketing budget to help you reach your SMM goal. Key points you to consider in the drive.

SMM Alternatives

With the banning of Facebook, In

stagram, or Twitter in China before initiating your SMM endeavor, research the possible social sites having a considerably large footprint in its digital market arena. The major two social platforms you’ll come across in China WeChat and Weibo are in the mainstream standing like pillars and connecting the nation. Keep in mind, similar to Baidu, without having a noteworthy presence in these two social sites, your business cannot get due recognition among the Chinese audience.

Consider Market Potential

While analyzing the market potential of social media sites, you need to consider the features and scopes of them that attract users and make them the potential for marketers. For example, WeChat is fitted with great features like sending text or voice messages, play games, videos, hiring a taxi, booking ticket and shopping and paying digitally through wallet and more. On the other hand, Weibo functioning like Twitter, a well-liked microblogging site enables you to send 140 characters per post where you can effectively upload videos, photos, and links making it more presentable.

For marketers, WeChat is designed with highly productive advertising options allowing you to post contents, text messages, and videos/audio and is capable to drive more and more users to your social site. Similarly, explore the advertising tools of Weibo to enjoy fast market success. Wechat has its 620 million user base while Weibo enjoys 570 million fans.

Access World’s Largest Mobile Nation

In recent times, consumers in China account for nearly 1.1 billion mobile subscribers making it 2½ times more enriched than the US. In fact, with the omnipresence of mobile devices, China has been recognized as the largest mobile nation in the world today. Most of the Chinese consumers love their smart devices to interact with various brands they like to procure or hire services to keep the right pace in their fast daily life.

According to 2016 market research data, a whopping 68% of digital shopping performed in China through mobile devices, which equates to $470.3 billion mobile-based sales. No denying, its mobile market potential is quite healthy with its fastest-growing rate of mobile users. Thereby, it is vital for you to get in touch with a digital marketing agency in China to produce a mobile-friendly Chinese site which is a fundamental precondition to make your social media marketing in China successful.

Understand Your Audience

Contrasting with the western social media users who could be treated as ‘readers’ Chinese audience performs completely different from the viewpoint that they are more potential to pass comments and share views on social sites. It’s found in a market survey that social site users in China are more likely to get through consumer engaging posts, review sites of customer experience, and respond to them. Thereby, consumer behavior is a notable factor which you can brilliantly utilize with productive digital marketing strategies and tools to promote your brand awareness through social media marketing in China.


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