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Art Of Persuasive Speaking By Nicholas Jarder

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Persuasive speaking is the art of convincing others to believe everything you are saying, to sway them into doing what you want them to That’s the basics anyway, however, it is far more complex than that

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Persuasive speaking is the art of convincing others to believe everything you are saying, to sway them into doing what you want them to. That’s the basics anyway, however, it is far more complex than that. Not everybody can do it, but everyone can learn to do it.

Persuasive speaking covers a multitude of subjects and is not limited in any way to the type of person or professional that can do it. Politicians are probably one of the best known, along with salespeople, teachers, doctors, etc.

Whilst everyone can learn this art, it is
not easy. Human nature dictates that we resist change, in any shape or form. After all, doesn’t history show us that change is nothing but trouble? And let’s face it, none of us likes to be out of our comfort zones for too long.

In many ways though, we are all persuasive speakers of a kind. Life, for most of us, is all about reaching goals and achieving certain standards. And to get there we need to be able to persuade people round to our way of thinking, or to help us reach those goals.

A good persuasive speaker will get to know their target audience first. They need to know exactly who they will be talking to and how hard they will need to work to sway the audience their way. And they will do their homework. Knowing who they are talking to, how many and what the subject is will have a definite impact on how their speech is delivered.

Take a sales person for example who is delivering a speech to a conference. They will need to know who they are talking to, to know how hard they have to persuade. They need to have facts and figures to hand and good reasoning behind their wish to persuade these people to buy the service or product being sold.

If that same sales person were speaking to an individual member of the public or family, their sales pitch would have a different persuasive slant to it. Each situation is different and requires different detail.

The basics of persuasive speaking are simple; put your point across in a way that will please the audience, especially if you are the bearer of bad news. For example, you may have to tell your work force that, on top of their already busy schedule, they have more work coming their way, or they have to learn yet another new system.

They don’t want to hear this so you need to put it across in such a way that they will believe in you and carry out your request with the minimum of fuss and an increase in productivity. You have to be convincing and strong. You need to be able to persuade your audience that what you are saying is for the best.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter who you are, who you are speaking to or what the subject is. If you can master the art of persuasive speaking you will get the results you want.

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