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Ayurveda, an Ancient Medicinal art as old as Time By Mani Kumar

  in Wellness, Fitness and Diet | Published 2018-11-01 03:57:12 | 121 Reads | Unrated


Ayurveda dates back to centuries as an oldest medical institution with its roots originating from India. The origin gives credibility to various wellness retreats in India.

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Ayurveda dates back to centuries as an oldest medical institution with its roots originating from India. The origin gives credibility to various wellness retreats in India. The medical institution has eight different components in that encompass the body’s holistic health. These branches further elaborate on distinctive bodily functions, and how to prevent and cure diseases that affect these areas. Ayurveda institutions have top yoga centers in India that help in curing diseases and introducing a healthy lifes

tyle among the practitioners and seekers.

The distinctive branches of the medicinal treatment type include:

  • Kayachikitsa(internal medicine): this branch is concerned with the overall treatment of the entire body. The medicinal branch focuses on the functioning of  body’s digestive system and metabolism. Treatment methods can be executed internally as well as externally, and may include orally taking medicine as prescribed by the Ayurvedic practitioner and applying oils, lotions, and creams.


  • Baala Chikitsa(treatment for children): this branch is also called Kaumara Bhritya. It concentrates on the diseases and sickness that manifest in children. It is also concerned with pre and postnatal care. Ayurvedic practitioners keep in mind that children cannot fully explain the problems they are feeling, that each treatment will be different for each child, and that the medicine prescribed should be pleasant to the taste.


  • Graha Chikitsa(psychiatry): also known as Bhoot Vidya, this branch deals with problems and diseases of the mind. Some of the treatments used under Graha Chikitsa include herbs, recommended diet, yoga, deep breathing, and Mantra Chikitsa which involves chanting mantras.


  • Urdhyaanga Chikitsa: also known as Shalakaya Tantra, this branch is primarily concerned with health and issues in the upper part of the body, particularly the eyes, ears, nose, and throat.


  • Shalyaroga Chikitsa(surgery): this branch is mainly concerned with surgical procedures. It describes the use of surgical devices such as scalpels and scissors.


  • Damstra Chikitsa(toxicology): this branch deals with the study and remedy of toxins and poisons in the body, food, and environment.


  • Jara Chikitsa(geriatric): this branch is concerned with the care of the elderly. It focuses on the treatment of sickness and diseases brought about by old age. Therapies focus on rejuvenation, longevity, memory, and strength.


  • Vajjikaran Chikitsa(reproductive health): this involves sexual health and treatment of reproductive problems such as infertility and the insufficiency of essential fluids.

Various wellness retreats in India practice Ayurveda treatment using all the aforementioned branches. Top yoga centers in India believe in promoting the wellness therapies included in the treatment techniques as they not only focus on curing a particular affected area but also has its effect on wellness of the whole body.

All of these make India as a favored destination for yoga treatment for tourists and treatment seekers form all across India. A lot many times people visit the country only to explore the medicinal system and learn to keep a healthy lifestyle. The tourist explorers not only include the treatment seekers but also have a number of students who come especially to understand and learn the art form.


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