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Bell Internet Provider in Canada Provides Various Services By Chandan chaturvedi

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2010-05-12 02:00:19 | 607 Reads | Unrated


Now, getting connected to the Internet in Rural Canada is easy with the help of Bell Rural Internet Provider. Regular residential service class options include ADSL, dial-up and cable.

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Now, getting connected to the Internet in Rural Canada is easy with the help of Bell Rural Internet Provider. Regular residential service class options include ADSL, dial-up and cable. 


All services are not available everywhere, which means that in some areas in Canada you may be stuck with only one option. But, if you live in a large city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver you will have number of options to choose from the all services of Bell internet Service Provider Canada.


If you happen to live in a house that had a high-speed internet service in the past then the connection time by your ISP should be   quick (even within 24hrs). If not then it may take some days to get high-speed internet service connection from Bell Internet Provider Canada.

If you are having a portable computer then some establishments  like  four and five star hotels, airports and cafes like “Second Cup” and “Starbucks” may have Wi-Fi connections available for a fee of cost. Even these are not widely available yet, they provide an alternative to Internet cafes.

Dial-up access

Dial-up is the most basic of the Internet Services of Bell internet Service Provider Canada

and is available everywhere where there is a phone line. If you choose a dial-up service, this ensure that the number you dial to get connected is either a toll free number or a local call in your area. And if not then you will be paying long distance charges each time you access it. Most dial-up services from Bell Internet Provider Canada offer flat rates of about CAD$ 20 or less per month and some may offer additional features like website space, email addresses etc.

High-speed access


There are many packages and options available with High-speed Internet in big cities of Canada. You may get High-speed Internet through your cable TV operator or through your phone service provider.

The slowest high-speed services are in the range of 128kbps  to 256kbps and cost around CAD$ 30 per month. Depending on your area the current cable speeds  and fastest ADSL are around 10Mbps and such service is about CAD$ 55 per month including all taxes.


Sometimes with your TV and/or wireless service, you may be able to bundle your Internet service and could save between 10% and 20% of the costs of buying each service separately.


Competition is the key to better services at lower prices for consumers in a free market-based economy. In Calgary, the only credible competition to Shaw there city where my friend live, is Telus: his old-school land-line telco. They offer DSL packages but their "turbo" package tops out at 1mbps upstream and 15mbps downstream for $45/month. DSL has lagged behind cable Internet access for years and short of Telus deploying Fibre-based services, they are simply no challenge to Shaw.





The author is a Web Analyst and has done B.Tech. in IT. To know more about Visit <a href="">Bell Rural Internet Provider</a>, <a href="">Bell internet Service Provider Canada</a> and <a href="">Bell Internet Provider Canada</a> 


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