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Beyond Gaming: To Fascinating Uses for Virtual Reality Tech By michel lumb

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Technology advances at high rates and keeps getting better. Virtual reality is a computer technology that enables individuals to engage themselves in a possible or recreated world. It allows the recreation of certain realities. An imagined world is like those in movies, video games or flight simulat


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Technology advances at high rates and keeps getting better. Virtual reality is a computer technology that enables individuals to engage themselves in a possible or recreated world. It allows the recreation of certain realities. An imagined world is like those in movies, video games or flight simulation.

Replication of realities enables users to feel like they are experiencing them in actual life. It may involve activities such as ice skating or even attending events.

The Virtual Reality experience needs aids such as multi projected environments or physical spaces combined

with a headset.

Immersive VR gives the user synthetic stimuli on various physical senses. It heightens the general VR experience.

The technology's most common sensory displays are visual, aural, haptic and vestibular.

Importance and Uses of Virtual Reality


Many people enjoy gaming. It is one of the primary uses of virtual reality technology. VR has contributed to show in theatres and cinemas. With the help of apps like Oculus Cinema, audiences can enjoy 3-D movies. It gives an entirely new meaning to watching movies as users can even feel like they are within the film. The imagery and sound effects become more real and more intertwined with the mind and presence of users.

There are also creations related to the same. For example virtual stadiums. If you love sports, you will indisputably enjoy this technology. You can enjoy a field game from within your house.

Virtual reality film companies like Next VR, record concerts too. You can experience the thrill of being at the show without going. They record it without the noise from the fans. VR technology transfers you to such concerts.

Health Care

Computer generated images help in diagnosing and treating of illnesses. It has helped patients to understand their bodies better. It also helps them understand the disease they have and the progress they are making. CAT Scans and ultrasounds also operate using VR technology to provide 3-D models of anatomy. It enables doctors and surgeons to locate tumors in the safest ways easily. They can determine the most efficient ways to place surgical incisions and to practice specific procedures. Before the actual surgery.


NASA scientists engage in complex research studies and activities like searching for evidence of life in other planets. They use VR technology to control robots in mars and for astronauts to de-stress. They also use the technology to experiment on many projects. Such projects lead to emerging discoveries that are crucial to future development and revolution.


Using virtual reality in museums is a smart idea. We could be able to experience being at the best and most famous museums in the world without having to arrange long trips to go there. VR can bring to you these breathtaking and historical museums like the Louvre in Paris, Acropolis in Athens and Guggenheim in New York


Image result for Virtual Reality Shopping  Automotive industries use VR to come up with designs. They also use the technology to educate people on issues of driving. Toyota, for example, teaches teenagers about the dangers of driving while distracted. They use Oculus headsets to make the lessons more real. It is a smart idea, and it can apply in other areas in the education sector. It will be possible to make field trips that the entire class can experience without complications and rigorous planning. It will be convenient in explaining complicated concepts that are difficult to get quite precisely in theory.


Virtual-reality apps like Trillenium are like upgrades of online shopping websites. They are livelier and offer true shopping experience. They can give a tour of the entire store, and it is possible to shop with your friends. ASOS, one of the biggest online retailers in Europe will soon be in partnership with Trillenium, and their shoppers will become able to use headsets and shop away.

Live and Real-life events

VR technology is useful in streaming of live events like fashion shows, concerts, sports, conferences, and world affairs. If you are unable to attend for various reasons such as the distance or cost, VR makes you present. Events become available to everyone no matter where they are happening. It also helps in solving the issue of shortage of seats.

Social platforms and virtual collaboration

Virtual reality gives you the feeling of being in the environment while absent. It is an improvement from social platforms by letting people meet together in a virtual environment, and feel as though they were face to face. They can also interact with 3-D and 2D objects like PowerPoint presentations and PDF. It promotes personal touch and presence in social platforms.


Find more information relating to augmented reality development, and augmented reality companies here.


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