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Boost your business via Android or iOS App Development By Ahom Technologies

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2019-07-03 04:50:03 | 18 Reads | Unrated


Over the past decade, mobile has become an essential part of our daily lives. From business development to online ordering of any item, all the tasks can be easily accomplished just by the help of these electronic devices. But mobiles alone are not capable of achieving such tasks, it is the inclusio

n of mobile apps that have made our life extremely cozy.

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Over the past decade, mobile has become an essential part of our daily lives. From business development to online ordering of any item, all the tasks can be easily accomplished just by the help of these electronic devices. But mobiles alone are not capable of achieving such tasks, it is the inclusion of mobile apps that have made our life extremely cozy. Mobile applications offer tremendous strategic and operational benefits to the business. Therefore, business owners are going with the perfect system to develop mobile apps for their businesses. As a result, they are getting a huge amount of

profit just by investing a bit of effort. Being a strategy with countless benefits, it is quite obvious as all business owners have started introducing the business in the form of mobile apps. Surely, you would have heard about the Android and iOS, two of the most famed names in the world of mobile applications. If you are not well aware of the same, by the end of this article both these names would be quite comfortable for you. Let us discuss some of the major benefits of both these foremost options of mobile application development.

Benefits of Android           

There are countless benefits of Android App development which are as follows:

It’s Trendy               

Based on the latest figure, Android covers almost 85% percent of the user base which is really an amazing number for any platform. More than a billion devices are powered by this famed operating system. These numbers are enough to describe the craze of using Android. One of the main reasons behind its success is the quality features at a low level of pricing.


It is Free                 

Being an open source and free platform, it has comparatively low entry barrier which enables the small scale business and startups to develop the applications easily. This veteran operating system also ensures that all the businesses can price their applications in a more competitive manner.

Handy and Comfortable

There are countless factors that have helped Android in reaching such a pinnacle of success. But the foremost factor which puts Android in the safest corner is the availability of software development kit (SDK). This feature enables us to build super performing apps to keep up with the requirements of business or gaming applications.

Easy to Customize

Android has come up with several customized options to fulfill the needs of the business. It has been a famed name over the past years as the developers can easily tweak the existing applications or they can develop the fresh one with a less amount of investment and efforts.

Customizable UI

Google has made the user interface extremely customizable which provides it a number of opportunities for the welfare of the business and the developers. As far as the engagement of the user is concerned, these apps have been designed to get the best out of the UI for making the applications more engaging.

Hardware Compatibility

Android applications can run on all the devices regardless of the manufacturer with varied hardware configuration. It assures the users to provide great performance to the users irrespective of the device category and type they use.


Benefits of iOS

iOS has its own user base, it has come up with extensive quality features. Let’s discuss some vital features of iOS App development.


iPhone app is highly secured with the best in-app purchase and world-class app based transaction. It offers high-end security layer with perfect data encryption to eradicate the instances of a data breach, data duplication or theft for the welfare of enterprises.

User Experience

Prime user experience is one of the most inherent capabilities of Apple iOS. It offers a robust combination of hardware and software followed by perfect maintenance and comprehensive support. No doubt, it is a bit expensive but the satisfaction level of iPhone app user proves iPhone app development the best in all the possible aspects.

More Paying Clients

The user base of apple is not much effective but still prevails when it comes to paying capacity of the clients. Apple users are more willing to pay a high amount for an app as compared to other platform users.

Great Consumer Experience

iOS user is usually happy customers. Perfect hardware, excellent customer support, and flawless software combine together to make the perfect device for the users. Each and every application work exceptionally well on an iPhone that provides the best user experience which is a crucial aspect of the business.


Secure Transaction

When it comes to security, no one can match the quality of iOS apps. These extensive apps have been a talk of the town for their unparalleled security features as they are the best in eliminating the existence of phishing and hacking etc. The market image of iOS is also a vital factor that has elevated it to this extent of success.

So far we have seen the top advantages of iPhone and iOS development services. Both the platforms are best almost in all the aspects but iOS is a step ahead to that of Android. At the same time, Android has been the best for the wide range of users as they are leveraging the quality features at a low level of investment. While on the other hand, iOS is the first choice for those who are ready to invest quite a large amount of pricing. There are countless service providers for both androids as well as an iOS app developer who can develop the quality application for you. Now the question arises, which company must be opted to bring our business to the next level of success? Ahom Technologies, the best ios and Android Development Company based in India. A group of passionate experts and extremely talented professionals of Ahom Technologies can shape your ideas into reality at reasonable rates. We have been delivering the extravagant quality of Mobile App Development service for very long.



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