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Create Jaw-Dropping Customised Interiors With Our Graphic Inkjet Media By Liz Seyi

  in Computers And Technology | Published 2019-11-08 03:10:44 | 6 Reads | Unrated


The list of potential applications for our highly regarded graphic inkjet media is endless; these papers and fabric can be used to customise the likes of walls, floors, tablecloths, cushions, curtains, blinds and even door graphics.

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We have recently been blogging extensively here at Prizma Graphics about the wide range of creative possibilities that our photo papers, banner media, wallpaper and fabric enable you to realise. This leads us neatly onto the subject of another burgeoning market of recent years – inkjet paper for both interior designers and architectural designers.

What relevance do our inkjet papers have to interior design?

It’s fair to say that the role of the interior designer has evolved considerably in recent years. Whereas such professionals may have onc

e considered their role to begin and end with the decoration of the internal space of a given structure, they are now assuming ever-greater influence over the more fundamental elements of a building’s design and construction.

But while such a shift in the job description of an interior designer is gradually necessitating that they become highly adept in the reading of plans and the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software, it’s also true that architects are beginning to liaise more frequently and closely with interior designers.

It is therefore becoming increasingly crucial for those working in these innovative fields to have Inkjet Paper Rolls at their disposal that lend themselves to the creation of the most stunning and eye-catching interiors and exteriors alike. Prizma Graphics can offer precisely this kind of graphic inkjet media, for settings ranging from offices, retailers and hotels to cafes, restaurants and fitness centres.

Which options may most intrigue you as an architect or interior designer?

The list of potential applications for our highly regarded graphic inkjet media is endless; these papers and fabric can be used to customise the likes of walls, floors, tablecloths, cushions, curtains, blinds and even door graphics. Particularly importantly, they can all be depended on to make the highest-quality print results possible, in the exterior and interior spaces where any shortcomings will be harshly exposed.

To this end, you may be especially interested in such current options in our online store as our Smooth Matte Inkjet Wallpaper Media (CJSMW), thisnon-woven wallpaper can be hung with standard wallpaper paste and offers the high opacity that helps to make it an excellent choice for art murals and personalised wall décor. Our Self-Adhesive Fabric Wallcovering can be removed and repositioned without damaging the wall or leaving any glue residue, making it ideal for bespoke wallpaper designs and temporary customised branding for exhibition and retail graphics.Or even our Gloss Tear Proof Banner Film (CJTPBG1067), also available in matt, both being ideal for the production of remarkable photo-quality images that can serve as both outdoor and indoor signage, as may be used in retail or exhibition venues.

One other type of inkjet paper with an undoubted importance in the sphere of interior and architectural design, though, is the plotter paper on which exterior and interior design plans are customarily printed. Both coated and uncoated plotter papers can be purchased from us for use with your wide-format inkjet printer, in weights ranging from 60gsm to 230gsm and rolls widths ranging from 297mm to 1524mm. 

We’ll source the inkjet paper rolls that are right for you

Are you anxious to ensure you select only the inkjet paper that you can rely on to deliver the most convincing professional-quality results for your given application?

If so, you are welcome to call the Prizma Graphics team today, on 01296 393700, to request free samples that you can test with your printer, before committing to the purchase of any of our inkjet paper rolls. In addition, you can simply ask us to recommend any particular graphic inkjet media to you, in light of whatever specialised requirements you may have for your upcoming project.


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