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Curtains For Bay Window Decorating By Nicholas Jarder

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Bay windows are a highly appealing architectural feature They add an open feel and an abundance of light to a room

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Bay windows are a highly appealing architectural feature. They add an open feel and an abundance of light to a room. They can be further accented through the use of curtains for bay window spaces. Because the window already tends to dominate the room, curtains should be selected that complement, rather than compete.

There are two different types of bay windows. Casement bay windows are opened using a crank which opens the entire window outward. They are flush to the house and provide good weatherproofing.

Double-hung bay windows are not
generally found in colder climates because they are not as energy efficient. They are not as snug up against the house as the casement type, and allow cold air to leak in. This type of window has sashes and can be opened by pulling up or down on the sashes.

Bay windows most often have three sections, but they can also be made with four, forming a box, or more sections creating a rounded or polygonal shape. Most often, the angles formed are 90, 135, or 150 degrees. They originated, it is believed, in England during the reign of Elizabeth I, becoming most popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. They have remained popular throughout the world for evoking the sense of a porch without exposure to the elements.

Both solid color and patterned curtains, with or without a valance, look nice on a bay window. In the kitchen and dining area, sheer curtains may be chosen to create a gentle, diffuse light when they are closed. They can be combined with shades or a second set of blackout curtains if additional privacy is desired.

In bedrooms, the need to control the amount of light coming in may be a more important consideration. Curtains of heavier material look attractive in a bedroom or living room, while they may be too bulky to look nice in a kitchen or dining area. Of course, there are exceptions and the final determination is dependent only on the creativity of the homeowner or decorator.

Measuring the window dimensions is important to ensure the correct fit of window treatments, especially so for bay windows. The measurements will depend on how the curtains will be hung: inside the frame, on the frame, or on the wall above the window. Curtains hung inside the frame will not be longer than the window sill, while the lengths for those hung from the frame or wall can be as long as the window or fall all the way to the floor. Curtain panels should be twice as wide as the measured area. For example, a 60 inch wide window will take two panels of 60 inches each for a total of 120 inches.

By using curtains for bay window furnishings, a homeowner can enhance the attractiveness of this architectural feature and complement the d├ęcor in the room. Curtains moderate the amount of light and provide privacy. They can be combined with shades or blinds to create a dramatic appearance.

Are you looking for more information regarding curtains for bay window? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding curtains for bay window? Visit today!


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