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Damp Proofing- Making your property damp free By jim damon

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A damp proofing company can always give you an advice and a solution to keep damp at bay.

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Without doubt one of the most frequent problems encountered by home and building owners is damp and damp proofing. The most common source of moisture in the base of the walls of buildings is from defective ground and surface drainage. This is present to some degree in almost every building in the country, due to a combination of such factors as rising ground levels, the failure of ground drainage systems, and the increased use of concrete finishes around buildings without proper consideration of drainage slopes.

Damp conditions at the foot of walls may be greatly increased by conde

nsation. This occurs when warm moisture-laden air cools to due point (the temperature at which moisture condenses) against a cold surface. Such cold surfaces commonly occur when the insulation value of the external wall is reduced by water penetration, as described above. Intermittent occupancy with intermittent heating provides the conditions for condensation of further water on these cold damp surfaces, particularly in ground floor bedrooms. These phenomena are the main causes of damp in the base of walls rather than 'rising damp' alone.

The effects of damp also make the property cold and unappealing. Damp can also prove a breeding ground for mites and mould aggravating respiratory problems such as asthma.

To find the solution to any problem, its main cause has to be correctly identified. If you think that your property is damp and you cannot pin point the exact cause, then always use the services of a qualified and experienced surveyor who can give you a truthful and best opinion on the problem at hand.

It is of high importance that the problems of damp are sorted and prevented before they can happen again. There are many companies that specialise in damp proofing of both residential and commercial properties and can keep the damp away and prevent any rising damp problems that can damage your property. There are many DIY solutions, but these will not ensure the longevity of the solution and when problem reoccurs, its effect can be more alarming than earlier.

A damp proofing company can always give you an advice and a solution to keep damp at bay. The companies that specialise in damp proofing have huge banks of knowledge and expertise about the tools, chemical systems and products to use while damp proofing and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Damp and its effects can be controlled by adopting one or more of the following measures:
•The provision of suitable moisture sinks to dissipate the moisture at its source without causing problems to the structure or occupants, and the repair of any contributing defects acting as moisture sources, such as broken pipes.
•The introduction of either physical barriers using damp-proof membranes or materials to form a 'damp-proof course' or hydrophobic (water-repellent) materials as in 'chemical damp proof courses'.
•The isolation of vulnerable materials such as timber and interior finishes from damp fabric.

An experienced and thorough damp proofing company always take your case as a specific case and comes out with the best possible solution for your property. They will thoroughly analyse the situation and adopt the right method for damp proofing. Many properties are different and have been constructed using different type of materials. A specialised company will always take make a note of the material used and come up with the best product that can keep the damp at bay.

If you are facing damp problem at your home, you can request a survey from TapcoHomedry . Whether the damp is caused by condensation, rain penetration or it is rising damp, you will get the optimum solution for the problem. They have been established since 1971 and are London, Surrey and the Home Counties premier damp proofing, water damage, fire and flood restoration company.


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