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Everything You Need to Know About Keratin Hair Treatment By Meera Pandey

  in Women's Interest | Published 2019-11-27 12:40:50 | 33 Reads | Unrated


It is the keratin treatment, a few are lucky to have them naturally but you can get it anyway through a keratin treatment. Let us build up our basic understanding of keratin treatment.

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Want to know the secret behind the smooth and frizz-free hair? It is the keratin treatment, a few are lucky to have them naturally but you can get it anyway through a keratin treatment. Let us build up our basic understanding of keratin treatment.  well, you must be thinking what is this tern keratin, this is natural protein found in our hair, yes you also have that, what you need next is treatment, if you are satisfied with your current hairstyle.

What is Keratin Treatment?

So keratin treatment is a chemical process, it is called by different name

s, Brazilian blowout, Cezanne, etc. but the process is the same. Our hair is exposed to moisture, pollution, dust, and whatnot. This makes our hair thin and weak.  Keratin treatment brings out the healthy version of your hair. Your hairstylist may blend a formula; it may or may not contain formaldehyde. There is some formaldehyde-free treatment also.

What is the Process?

The time duration of the treatment varies according to the hair type. It also depends on the expertise level of hairstylists. It is good to spend some time in the treatment. First of all, the hairstylist will wash your hair to make it dust-free. Hairstylists may apply the formula in the wet hair or wait for it to get bone dry. The application of the formula in wet and dry hair depends on the hairstylist's needs.  He/she may blow dry your hair and then apply the formula.  Finally, the hairstylist will run a flat iron on it and lock straight hair.

What is the Life of Keratin Treatment?

It is unlike another straightening process, like permanent straightening, smoothening, etc. keratin treatments stay up to a few months.  It doesn’t alter the structure of your strand but fills the gaps in the strand to make your hair smooth. The chemical composition of your hair remains the same.

When our hair is exposed to moisture, dust, etc it loses protein, this treatment fills the gap with protein. Some treatment may release formaldehyde while some may not (there are new options).

Keratin Treatment for Colored Hair

You can safely go for keratin treatment doesn’t matter you have colored hair. You can also confirm it from your hairstylist. The only condition is to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. If you wash hair without water, apply conditioner.  Avoid salt-based hair spray. Go for dry shampoo often instead regular wash.

Where to Get the Keratin Treatment in Lucknow?

Now, you must be curious to know where you can get the best salon for keratin treatment in Lucknow. Whenever it is hair ironing in Lucknow or keratin treatment, you can find the best from Google search, Quora, social media, etc.

In social media sites, you will find all the solutions. People give honest reviews and personal experience there. If you are searching on Google, for example, you want to search for root touch up in Lucknow; type grey hair root touches up in Lucknow. Grey hair root touch up in Lucknow is easily available at various salons but to get the best one you must try Meegash because they use the safest quality product.


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