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Get a Firm Skin With Thermage and Restylane By Dr.farid Mostamand

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Thermage is a device used to tighten the skin, especially in the jowl, neck and eyelid areas The objective is to help the patient appear younger with tighter and smoother skin

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Thermage is a device used to tighten the skin, especially in the jowl, neck and eyelid areas. The objective is to help the patient appear younger with tighter and smoother skin. Fine lines and wrinkles become noticeably improved with tightening. It is a noninvasive tool used to achieve a facelift-like appearance without having to undergo surgery. Other uses for Thermage have been found, also. It can help alleviate cellulite, especially in women. It can tighten the abdominal area, upper arm skin that has become loosened with age, tighten sagging buttocks and other areas that need strengthening s
uch as breasts and thighs.

The way Thermage works is by the use of mono-polar radiofrequency energy. This energy heats the underlying skin areas to be treated, as it protects the outer skin, or epidermis, and produces a tightening of the skin by remodeling deep dermal collagen. Thermage works best before the skin becomes too lax with age, so it should be done at the optimal time.

Thermage treatment can take from thirty minutes to two hours, depending upon the number of areas to be treated and the size of the areas. If performed in a doctor’s office, a light oral sedation can be used to minimize any discomfort or feelings of excessive warmth on the skin. The treatments are approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

Thermage can be safely used in conjunction with other types of skin renewal techniques, such as chemical peels, Microdermabrasion such as Botox, Restylane, Radiesse and laser therapy.

Advantages of Thermage

Thermage is a safe alternative to surgical interventions, such as a facelift.

Once Thermage treatment is finished, patients can return to their normal, every day activities, with no down time that would be associated with more invasive techniques.

The results of Thermage continue to improve for many months, perhaps six for some patients.

Most patients only require one treatment in order to achieve their desired effects.

Disadvantages of Thermage

Patients may experience mild or moderate swelling and/or redness on their skin.

Sunscreen must be worn on the treated areas in order to protect the skin and prolong the desired results.

The results of Thermage treatments can take anywhere from six weeks to two months to become fully effective.

Larger areas of the body that are treated may take more than one visit to achieve the desired effects.

Restylane is used to plump the folds and lines on the skin’s surface. It is made from a non-animal type of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid (a bacterial source) is naturally produced in humans to give skin its fullness and volume. Water binds with the acid, producing a more voluminous look to the area of the skin’s surface. A dermatologist or other qualified practitioner injects the product quickly and with ease. Often there is no anesthetic required. When Restylane is injected into the dermis, it fills up the space between the aged fibers of collagen and elastin; this helps renew the volume we lose with age.

Restylane is used most commonly as a lip plumper. It is injected just below the skin’s surface, into the tissue of the face. Very much like Botox, Restylane is also useful for filling in lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, eye wrinkles and around other wrinkle-prone areas of the face. It is also useful for adding volume to the cheek area and shaping the chin, forehead and nose.

Advantages of Restylane Use:

There is no risk of an infection entering the body with the use of Restylane. Restylane is a natural substance found in our own bodies, therefore there is little fear of an allergic reaction. It is not an animal by-product or a completely synthetic substance as some other dermal fillers are. Depending upon how large an area is to be treated, injections can be spaced out to be given over the course of ten minutes or up to an hour.

If an anesthetic is needed (which is often used for lip plumping), it is a local anesthetic or numbing agent only. The needles used to inject the product are very thin, causing little discomfort. You will see an immediate plumping effect, ridding the face of lines and wrinkles. This effect can last for up to twelve months, gradually fading, but lasting much longer than some other dermal fillers.

Patients can return to normal activities immediately after receiving their injections. Restylane gives excellent, positive results that last for months.

Disadvantages of Restylane:

Although allergic reactions are rare, those with any specific bacterial allergies or known reactions to hyaluronic acid should not use the product.

There is a possible occurrence of a reaction at the injection site: swelling, inflammation, discoloration or tenderness has been known to occur in some patients.

You do need multiple, repeated injections of the substance in order to maintain the look desired, similar to Botox and other dermal fillers, though patients can go for much longer period b. It is not a permanent solution to wrinkles and lines.

Dr. Farid Mostamand, author of ageless skin obsession bring you the latest research in anti aging skin care. This month featured brands are


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