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Give a New Life To your Kitchen With Wooden Tableware Items Online By Nurture India

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The kitchen is one of the most important placesin a house. It is not just a place to prepare meals, which is an all-important task by itself, but it is also a place where families gather to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee, to catch up with each other or spend some quality time.

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The kitchen is one of the most important placesin a house. It is not just a place to prepare meals, which is an all-important task by itself, but it is also a place where families gather to grab a quick bite or a cup of coffee, to catch up with each other or spend some quality time. Kitchen accessories add an elegant touch to the interiors of our kitchens. They add class and style, and at the same time can be durable but gentle on all kinds of surfaces. The right kind of kitchen items helps to maintain the durability of cookware as well. 

Now, if you are thinking of using Wood

en Tableware Items Online for the kitchen, then it is a good idea because they are elegant and lightweight. The fine finish of these Handicraft Export From India makes them a favorite for using in kitchens – adding both functionality and visual appeal to your little space. As per research, eating in wooden wares is not only healthy but also nature friendly.

Types of Wooden Kitchen Items

When you try to look out for the Wooden Tableware Items Online you will find that the below mentioned items are not only very popular in the country but also form a large part of Handicraft Export From India

• Wooden Trays

• Wooden Spoons

• Wooden Bowls

• Wooden Chopping Boards

• Wooden Forks

• Wooden Scoops

• Wooden Salad Hands

• Wooden Oven Rack Pullers

Different Varieties of Wood used for Kitchen Items

The wooden tableware items online that we can use in the kitchen can be made from different varieties of wood and these are often made with different carvings, lacework, and painting to make them look even more beautiful. The different types of wood used to make Wooden Handicraft Items for the kitchen are as follows:

Maple: This is a hard and strong type of wood. It has medium shrinkage and machines work well on this type of wood. Maple is available in very fine textures and is best used for making wooden handicraft items for your kitchen.

Walnut: Wood from the walnut tree is resistant to warping and shrinking and it finishes well. It has a fine texture, is easy to work with and is strong. So, walnut wood is often used to make Wooden Handicraft Items that need fine detailing like salad hands and wooden forks.

Indian Rosewood or Sheesham: Indian Rosewood or Sheesham is a deep grained, rich medium brown wood that is a part of the rosewood family. This type of wood is very durable, can be easily carved and is very commonly used to make wooden handicraft items, cabinets, and almirahs.

Different Wood Finishes

All wooden handicraft items are provided with wood finishes. These are protective and clear coatings that are applied on the wood surface. A wood finish gives durability to wooden kitchen accessories and utensils. It also adds a dull shine to the finished items. Two types of finishes are given to wooden kitchen accessories – high gloss and semi-gloss. 

High gloss is the shinier of the two types and is used for kitchen utensils and tools. It is washable and durable as well. High gloss is used to accent surfaces.

The semi-gloss finish is less shiny, but it is washable and durable as well.

Depending on the surface which is finished, there are two main types of wood finishing products:

• On the wood (shellac, varnish, wax, and so on)

• In the wood (mineral oil, tung oil, and so on)

Shellac: It is a natural type of resin. Shellac has an alcohol base and provides a dark finish. It dries very quickly and is less prone to collecting dust. Shellac is available in two forms – liquid and flaked. Both need to be combined with alcohol to achieve a thin consistency. Shellac provides a durable finish but less so than varnish or lacquer. However, shellac is a non-toxic type of wood finish, and so it is ideal for wooden handicraft items for the kitchen like trays and bowls, which have direct contact with food for a long time.

Varnish: This is one of the most durable types of finishes and each coat adds a layer of protection. The finish is smooth and glossy. The varnish is normally mixed with polyurethane for more durability and protectiveness. It is used to finish the outside surface of wooden utensils and for decorative wooden handicraft items.

Lacquer: This is a dark wood finish and is durable, flexible, and easy to maintain. It dries very fast and it is used with spray guns. Wooden handicraft items like forks and salad hands can be given this type of finish due to the convenience of it.

Oil Finish: Many types of oil are used for wooden finishes, of which mineral oil is one of the best choices. Raw linseed oil is also used. Pure walnut oil and pure tung oil provide non-toxic finishes to kitchen items. 

The Indian States Manufacturing Wooden Kitchen Items

Wooden handicraft items for the kitchen are mainly manufactured in Orissa, Gujarat, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Kashmir.

Wooden tableware items online for the kitchen are available in plenty at Nurture India,which is one of the best websites for wooden items with the right mix of ethnic designs, contemporary usage, and innovative implementation. Do check out their unique collection of cake stands, chopping boards, platters, bowls, and more to select some beautiful looking ones for your kitchen!


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