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Grand Canyon Helicopters - How Booking Online Makes Flights Cheaper By Rhegie Taylor

  in Travel | Published 2014-01-20 08:39:46 | 144 Reads | Unrated


If you've spent time shopping for Grand Canyon helicopter tours, you know prices are all over the map One thing's for sure, though

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If you've spent time shopping for Grand Canyon helicopter tours, you know prices are all over the map. One thing's for sure, though. Book online and you'll have a real shot at getting a great rate.

Best Rates

Why is this? Because tour operators post their best fares on their websites. They do this because it's assumed that you'll do a self-serve booking, which costs the operator less to fulfill.

The flip side is when you go to the website, find the deal you want, then pick up the phone and call customer servi
ce. In this instance, it costs the operator more because a "person" has to fill the order.

Which also explains why you'll be slapped with a booking fee (covers the support person's time on the phone with you). Moreover, there's a good chance you'll be pressured into a more expensive tour.

Self-Serve Bookings

Long story short: If you are going to do a self-serve booking in order to get the Internet rate, then by all means complete the transaction online. Once you've go your confirmation number, then call the operator for additional information like their hotel pick up schedule and cancellation policy.

And speaking of cancels, the best tour companies let you terminate your reservation within 24 hours of your departure time. Further, if weather comes into play and grounds all aircraft, you'll also receive a 100 percent refund (or you can reschedule the flight for a date/time that best fits your schedule).

The other great thing about booking helicopter tours online is that you have direct access to "live" inventory. The benefit of this is that you get to see pricing and availability for the week. This is important because sometimes the fare will be cheaper later in the week or for a particular flight time.

Types of Flights

As for flights, there are two kinds: aerial and landing. Air-only are your cheapest option. They also require the least amount of time. Landing tours do just that - land at the top or bottom of the Canyon. Understand, however, that flights to the bottom only depart from Las Vegas and only go to the West Rim.

Lots of Vegas travelers ask me "but what about going to the South Rim." Well, that question kind of solves itself in the sense that Vegas helicopters don't go to the South Rim. It's too far. If you really have to do South Rim, my recommendation is to take the Vegas-South Rim direct airplane tour. It's quick, fast and you can a helicopter ride into the mix once you land at Tusayan, home of Grand Canyon National Airport.

Or if you are already at the South Rim and staying in one of the hotels in Tusayan or in-Park lodging like El Tovar, you'll be picking from a 30-minute or 50-minute flight. For the money, the longer flight is the way to go, as you'll see up to 75 percent of the Canyon in under an hour. That's quite an achievement.


I hope this article about booking helicopter tours online was helpful. It's the only way I've been doing it for years and I've been successfully saving friends, family and readers up to 30 percent off the retail rate. The key thing to remember is that to get the deal, you've got to "self-serve" the booking until it's transacted. Keep that in mind and you'll get the right flight at the right price.

Helicopter to the Grand Canyon? The author recommends first reading these 5 tips: Then going here for low prices on the best flights:

Helicopter to the Grand Canyon? The author recommends first reading these 5 tips: Then going here for low prices on the best flights:


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