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Eye dryness can be a problem for persons who wear

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Guide in Looking for Reliable Eye Contacts By James Davis

  in Cancer Survival | Published 2013-11-14 22:13:00 | 648 Reads | Unrated


How do you find the best contacts for your eyes? Patience is needed while you shop around for contact lenses from optical clinics, online retail outlets, or other sources. The first thing to do is get a legitimate prescription.

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How do you find the best contacts for your eyes? Patience is needed while you shop around for contact lenses from optical clinics, online retail outlets, or other sources. The first thing to do is get a legitimate prescription. Appraise pointer from the Web because these will help you in looking for the right contact lenses. Consumers should have a current and legitimate prescription when you order contact lenses. Have your eyes checked at least every two years. You may even have eye problems which you are not aware of. It is probable that your contact lenses are not capable of correcting your

Once again, do not ignore the value of contact lens prescriptions. It is the the most essential requirement before you can purchase these medical eye devices. Prescriptions should not go beyond one year because the condition of one’s eyes can also change after a year. Federal government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission are tasked to ensure that no one can purchase contacts without this prescription by licensed eye doctors. Be careful in buying contact lenses from distributors other than your eye care professional. Government regulatory agencies advise all consumers to be prudent.

The prescription must have sufficient information which the seller needs to fill up. This includes the name of the patient; date that the patient obtained the prescription following the lens fitting; expiration date; name, address and contact details of ECP; lens manufacturer and material; base curve or designation of the lens; diameter of the lens; and, trade name of the private label brand such as pure vision contacts. There are certain tricky situations that you must learn about. In case you did not bring a copy of the prescription when you buy the device, no law is broken. However, the company goes against FTC regulations by selling you contact lenses without the prescription.

Cheap prescription contact lenses require your full care and attention. This is due to the fact that these materials attract germs and other microorganisms because of the damp surfaces. These bacteria can be a big threat to the eye. In fact, some of these germs and contaminants may lead to bigger problems with your eyesight. Cleaning your contact lenses with the proper solutions regularly will prevent germs and foreign articles from resting on them. These are extra points that you should never forget.

Government agencies prescribe the expiration date of your prescription which can either be a one or two-year renewal period. If the state has not yet decided on an expiration date, federal law will set a one year date unless the eye doctor says that there is a medical reason for less than one year. It is not recommended that you order lenses with a prescription that has already expired to ensure that your eyes are not adversely affected. The bottom line is that the eye doctor is there to check your eyes and make sure that the lenses fit you well.

Prescriptions issued by the ECP are obligatory before you can get cheap prescription contact lenses. Make sure that you comply with FDA policies concerning contact lenses. Click to find more relevant info on pure vision contacts...


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Eye dryness can be a problem for persons who wear contact lenses. In case you are afflicted with dry eye warning signs like irritation and redness, you may choose new lens categories and care products for more comfort.

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