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Hair Extensions to Help Achieve Rocking Winter Hairstyles By Louise Bailey

  in Women's Interest | Published 2020-01-10 04:45:47 | 3 Reads | Unrated


Clip-ins, keratin pre-bonded and tape-ins are some of the best hair extensions that celebrities and pop stars are using. You can consider using them to enhance your look for your upcoming winter parties and other fun winter activities.

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As the temperature begins to drop, it is time to think about the fun winter activities that you will be involved with. Think about all the holiday parties that you will be attending or you might be the adventurous type and go for snowboarding and so on. When it is about partying or taking part in any kind of activity, you would want to look your best. Whilst you can get a dazzling outfit and fix your face using makeup, unless your hair game is on point, you will fail to make a winter fashion statement. After all, hair is one of the biggest assets of a woman. This is where you can turn to the

best hair extensions available in the UK.

Apart from normal hair problems like, balding, hair loss and receding hairline, winter brings a host of other problems. During winter, your hair might lack moisture and turn dry or it might be frizzy and unmanageable. You might be suffering from dry scalp and such other winter problems. For all of these hair issues, there is just one solution - hair extensions. Below given are a few popular types of hair extensions that you can consider.

Clip-in extensions

If you have had a nightmare of a haircut and hate the way your hair looks in the mirror, you can cover it up by getting clip-ins. These extensions are easy to install. They come with soft clips that need to be clipped with your natural hair. It takes less than an hour to apply them and you can do it yourself without the help of a professional extensionist or hairstylist.

Clip-ins are known to be temporary extensions that can instantly change the way your hair looks. It can quickly uplift your overall appearance in a matter of minutes. You can either choose this type of extension to cover up a bad haircut or to transform your look for a corporate or social winter party. Once the party is over, you can come home and get rid of the extensions.

Tape-in extensions

Do you want the extensions to last you the entire holiday season and beyond? If so, your best option would be to get tape-ins. Tape-in extensions are applied to natural hair with a medical-grade, harmless adhesive that does not damage one’s actual hair. But, the process is a bit complex and unless you get it done from a professional extensionist, you might make it look very obvious that you are using extensions. When it comes to tape-ins, it is best to let an expert apply it.

Tape-ins will last you a few weeks and they are lightweight. Once they have been taped to your hair, you would not even know that they are there. They do not add any extra weight and you can go swimming, snowboarding or horse riding without worrying about the tape-ins coming out. They will be intact in their place and you can even go to sleep wearing them.

After every 4 weeks or so, you will have to remove the tape-ins and reinstall them. This is done because your natural hair will be growing. Make sure that the reinstallation of the tape-ins is also done by a professional so that the extensions can be used for about a year.

Keratin pre-bonded extensions

Just like tape-ins, keratin pre-bonded extensions are semi-permanent extensions. They are bonded with one's natural hair using heat. This method should also be carried out by a professional for the best results.

The above-mentioned are some of the best hair extensions that you can use to boost your winter look. These extensions will help you to try out different winter hairstyles that are trending. However, make sure that whatever type of extension you choose, it is made of virgin human hair. Extensions made of synthetic hair must be avoided as they look fake, shiny and cannot be straightened or curled.

Louise Bailey is the go-to professional extensionist for the best hair extensions in the UK. Her clientele includes pop stars and celebrities. She makes use of premium quality European hair for her extension products and implements the safest application methods.


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Louise Bailey is one of the most experienced and trusted hair extension specialists in the UK. She has an ever-growing list of clients, which includes renowned models and celebrities. Louise specialises in pre-bonded keratin attachments and tape hair extensions. She is also the creative director of Extension Professional that offers a wide range of clip-in extensions. Guaranteeing best results, Louise only uses the highest quality European hair.

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