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Help For Oily Skin By Dr.farid Mostamand

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"Just let me powder my nose" As a woman, chances are you've repeated this phrase at least once

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"Just let me powder my nose." As a woman, chances are you've repeated this phrase at least once. The natural oil in skin can work its way to the surface and create a "shiny" appearance. For many, a light dusting of powder may do the trick. For others, intensive skin care regimens are required to keep oil at a minimum.

Causes of Oily Skin

Skin is a natural producer of oil, or sebum. Sebum is beneficial, as it protects the skin from over-drying, regulates water content, and balances skin pH. However, some individuals—both male
and female—may experience an over-production of sebum, which gives the skin an unwanted, slick appearance.

The amount of oil a person's skin contains is under genetic and hormonal control. It is not, as once believed, brought on or aggravated by various foods. Though what we consume—especially water—can affect skin's appearance, there is little evidence connecting greasy food to oily skin. Some skin care experts are proponents of special "oily-skin diets," high in consumption of fresh, whole foods, with lower intake of sugar, fat and preservatives. But, since such diets would be of benefit to most everyone, regardless of skin type, that hypothesis is difficult to test.

Treatments for Oily Skin

Most experts agree that gentle cleansing of the skin several times daily is the preferred treatment for oily skin. While many are proponents of mild soap and water, others suggest products specifically designed for oily skin. Such treatments typically focus on decreasing the production of sebum, improving overall skin health, regulating hormones, or a combination thereof.

Pevonia Botanica offers a natural, holistic approach to skin care. Oil reduction is viewed as a desirable side effect of restoring skin to proper health, rather than the absolute goal. Pevonia products are formulated with botanicals and other natural compounds that help balance the skin's acidity and promote decreased oil production. The products have a light, pleasing fragrance and may be used alone or in combination, or as adjuncts to prescription products. Application is typically once or twice a day. Pevonia is also committed to the preservation of the ecology, offering fully recyclable packaging.

Dermalogica expresses a similar philosophy. Treatment focus is on overall skin health, rather than aesthetics. The Dermalogica line is designed to be free of common skin irritants, like mineral oil and alcohol. Their products moisturize without adding shine, and are used daily to three times weekly, depending on the individual.

Murad was founded by a dermatologist/pharmacist and seeks to promote skin health via the utilization of natural plant hormones called phytoestrogens. Plant estrogens provide cleansing hydration without adding additional oils to the skin. Murad products incorporate natural anti-toxins such as pomegranate and are usually applied twice a day.

YonKa dermatology products are also derived from botanical sources, and their philosophy favors using beneficial compounds from the entire plant, rather than specific portions. Founded by botanists, YonKa utilizes fragrant, essential oils to restore skin health with the added benefit of soothing aromatherapy. YonKa products are generally applied twice daily.

Though genetics and hormones play a major role in determining skin's oil content, there are several natural, effective products available to assist in further care of oily skin. These products offer improved skin health and its added beauty benefits, and can be obtained in both retail and spa venues.

Help balance your oily skin by choosing products that are specifically designed for oily skincare. Learn more at and, where all oily skincare products are assessed based upon their s

Help balance your oily skin by choosing products that are specifically designed for oily skincare. Learn more at and, where all oily skincare products are assessed based upon their s


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