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How Companies Like Zaken Corp. Help Companies Even Out the Odds Against Fickle Market Demands By Nicholas Jarder

  in Business | Published 2012-08-12 04:19:57 | 127 Reads | Unrated


In the merchandising industry, market demand is one of the more important key ingredients that either can make or break a company To know you’re your target market demands is to know the future of your company—and both are just as hard to accomplish

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In the merchandising industry, market demand is one of the more important key ingredients that either can make or break a company. To know you’re your target market demands is to know the future of your company—and both are just as hard to accomplish. There have been many tales of companies that have gone under simply because they have not predicted what their target market wants, and have since dissolved back into nothingness. Still, there are those companies that have know what their market wants, but have not calculated properly how much of their target can actually consume the
products they offer—hence, they tend to under produce or even over stock.

Companies that have overproduced are faced with the problem of having a large quantity of a product that their target market no longer demands. If these companies are luck, these products can still move off the shelf—albeit very slowly. If they’re unlucky, these companies are stuck with inventories that take up important warehouse space and are in the danger of being totally unsellable as every day goes by.

There are companies out there that specialize in locating companies with these merchandise problems such as the Zaken Corp. They look for companies that have an overstock in their inventories, and offers to buy these inventories and resell them to other companies that can ably resell them to another target market.

That is why companies like the Zaken Corp. prove invaluable to the merchandising industry—in the sense that they can help move these unmovable stocks and give them a new lease in life, since these products have to be sold before they become totally obsolete.

There are actually hundreds of companies that have these problems with their inventories. Sometimes the problem isn’t about over producing, but on how fast the product can sell out because public demand is so fickle that “yesterday’s products” no longer hold the same appeal as “the next best thing”.

Zaken Corp. is also equally known as a company that recruits what it calls “product finders” or “Associates” to help them find companies that need to get rid of their stocks. Zaken Corp. provides their Associates with training and leads on how to find such companies. Once such companies have been located, the Associates act as mediators between Zaken and the company, and facilitate sending some samples of the product that the company wants to sell to Zaken.

If the product has been approved, Zaken Corp. then steps in and takes care of the negotiation aspect and concludes the sale. Zaken then gives the Associate a fifty percent share of the profit they earn from the transaction.

Merchandised goods aren’t the only thing that Zaken Associate looks for, however. They also look for companies that are in the closing down and are looking to sell off their merchandise at a substantially discounted price as part of their liquidation process.

Unpredictable as the public demand can get, it really isn’t that hopeless anymore for companies if they cannot move their products off the shelves fast enough, not as long as there are companies like Zaken Corp. that can help them with their inventory problems.


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