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How Orthotics Burlington can improve the movement of your feet? By Edgar Chiropractic

  in Medicines and Remedies | Published 2019-09-06 12:17:35 | 24 Reads | Unrated


People experiencing mild to moderate foot pain should seek a chiropractor or chiropodist who can assess their feet and recommend the right type of custom orthotic that will help to support if you have foot pain, then orthotics Burlington is your answer.

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Today’s sedentary lifestyle can lead to various foot-related problems. Foot pain can happen to anyone, regardless of age.  One of the most common reasons for foot pain is flat feet. In such a situation, people may seek the help of a chiropractor or chiropodist. 

Understanding orthotics 

Orthotics in Burlington (and universally) are specifically designed foot supports. They support the unique needs of the foot and improve the fit of shoes.

There are two kinds of ort

hotics - functional and accommodative. The functional orthotic takes care of abnormal motion and treats pain stemming from injuries. On the other hand, accommodative orthotics offer ample support to minimize pain from chronic structural dysfunctions of the foot such as bunions. 

If your physician has advised you to wear custom made orthotics, you should seek a chiropractor or chiropodist that offers custom made orthotics. They will assess your feet and recommend the right type of orthotics for you. 

Difference between prefabricated and customized orthotics

Prefabricated orthotics are insoles that are available for purchase at a variety of department or shoe stores. These types of orthotics, mostly made up of soft materials, offer a cushioned effect, and hence act as good shock absorbers. These orthotics are good to provide light support for mild foot pain. However, they often experience significant wear with long-term use and may not provide enough support to take care of structural biomechanical problems such as over-pronation. On the contrary, custom-made insoles are designed to provide more structural support that allows the foot to function better. Consequently, they minimize foot pain and provide optimal support for fallen arches and over-pronation. 

Why opt for orthotics?

If you have been suffering from heel pain or arch pain for a long period of time, orthotics can be your solution. The use of orthotics in Burlington will noticeably reduce the impacts of fallen arches and the pain you may be experiencing. Orthotics also function to maintain strong arches in the feet which often begin to fall as time passes and as we age.

Longevity of an orthotics

Orthotics in Burlington will typically last for 2-5 years. However, it may vary depending on the extent of use and differing degrees of wear and tear. You may have to replace them if your foot is still growing or you have undergone surgery affecting the shape of your feet. 

There are many different kinds of orthotics depending on your needs and interests (sport orthotics, casual orthotics, dress orthotics, orthotics for runners or soccer players ect.)  For more insights into this matter, you can check out the official website of Edgar Family Chiropractic in Burlington.


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