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How Safe Breast Augmentation Surgery Is? By James Willam

  in Business | Published 2017-11-06 02:56:17 | 104 Reads | Unrated


The surgery of augmentation of breasts is a procedure where the size and shape of the breasts are enhanced by using breasts implants. Women who chooses this surgery are the ones who wants to contour their body and as well as correct the volume of the breasts following pregnancy or for other reasons.

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How Is The Surgery Performed?

The whole surgery is performed under the administration of general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a surgical incision along the breast creases or underside of breast or if necessary around the areola, also commonly known as the nipple. The whole point of making the incision is to create a pocket where the implants are to be placed under the chest muscles or behind the breast tissue to accommodate the implants perfectly.

The surgery needs about an hour to two hours to complete where after placing the breast implants, the incisi

on is sutured up and bandages, gauze and tape are applied for providing support to the breast for better recovery and healing assistance.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Post the breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon along with his staff will monitors patients progress. Drainage tubes are inserted in order to remove the excess fluids out of the body which stays for several days. One may feel sore and tired for few days post the surgery, but one can resume back to their normal activities within one or two days. The surgical dressing and gauze will be removed within a few days and if there is any insoluble suture left behind which haven’t dissolved on their own, it will be removed within few days time. The nipples may experience some numbness or burning sensation for during first few two weeks or so which will subside once the post surgical burning fades away. There can be certain amount of swelling that may persists for three to four weeks if there is breast implants placed under the breast glands, and if the implants are placed under the muscle, the swelling may persists a bit longer, approximately like for three to five months or so.

Recovery Period

Most of the patients can return back to work within few days after the surgery, depending on the activity amount their job requires. During the first few weeks, the breasts will be sensitive to direct touch or stimulation, but post three to four weeks, the breasts will no longer be sore and direct touch should be fine. One should at all cost avoid heavy pushing, lifting or pulling things up with their upper body movements should be avoided or limited for at least two weeks post the surgery. Activities which can cause an increase of heart rate or blood pressure are to be avoided for first two-three weeks. The breast augmentation surgery scars will appear to be firm and pink for at least six weeks, and there’s nothing to be worried off. The scars can appear to be remaining in same size or to be widening for several months, but it will eventually fade, though it won’t disappear completely. If one is experiencing any other issues apart from these, one should immediately contact their surgeon.


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