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How does Hydrogen Generators Work By Eduardo Karn

  in Automotive | Published 2015-01-05 12:14:57 | 136 Reads | Unrated


Hydrogen Generator kits are becoming more popular day by day and if you are vehicle owner you already possibly know what it is exactly.

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Hydrogen Generator kits are becoming more popular day by day and if you are vehicle owner you already possibly know what it is exactly. Gasoline, petrol and diesel are the most common fuels that are used today and scientists are looking for more and more alternative sources of energy as non renewable energy harm the atmosphere in more than one ways. Moreover, the continuous rise in the price of petrol and diesel have forced vehicle owners to look for alternate ways of powering their cars and trucks and hence, more and more people are going for

tors.php">hydrogen conversion kit.

What are HHO generators?

HHO stands for hydroxy gas and some of the other names for this gas are Brown’s gas and green gas. It is a compound consisting of 2 parts of hydrogen (and hence the double Hs) and one part of oxygen…the same composition as water.

How is HHO gas made?

Making HHO gas is very easy and it is made using the age-old technology of electrolysis where electricity is passed through water which has two stainless steel plates submerged and the two gases are liberated at the two plates.

When the kit is placed under the hood of your car or truck, it works in the same mechanism. Water acts as the fuel and electricity is passed through it in order to separate both the gases. The hydrogen gas so produced is then sent it to the combustion engine of the car to improve the efficiency of the fuel already present in the car. It is said that by installing hydrogen gas generator, you would be able to save fuel cost to the extent of 15-20%. It is also said that installation of HHO generators improves the mileage of your vehicle as well.

Do they really work?

Many people think that HHO generators do not work and whatever is been posted in the internet is nothing but a scam. But there are also many legitimate companies out there that manufacture, sell and install HHO kits in cars, trucks and even scooters. There are also many customers who claim that they truly have been benefitted after the use of these hydrogen generators. This matter is still a subject of debate and there is no full proof explanation of whether these actually work or they do not.

Is it a risk worth taking?

The benefits of these hydrogen generators for cars are immense and some of them include:

  • As mentioned above, you will be able to save about 15%-20% of your regular fuel expenditure.
  • Your car will experience better mileage.
  • You will help in conserving the environment as less toxic gases would be emitted from your car. Pollution is a major issue these days that scientists are concerned about and a major contributor to it are the gases emitted from cars.
  • Water is cheap and easy available.
  • Easy to maintain and these kits come cheap.

The benefits are many and the prices of these kits are also cheap and hence, it is risk worth taking.


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I Eduardo have interest and write for the hydrogen conversion kit, hydrogen gas generator, which can increase efficiency of your engine.

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