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How to Publish a Book For Free By Nicholas Jarder

  in Writing | Published 2012-04-21 02:33:22 | 131 Reads | Unrated


Getting a book published is no easy task It requires a strong combination of patience and perseverance, and anyone who is not serious enough in his endeavors may end up quitting halfway through

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Getting a book published is no easy task. It requires a strong combination of patience and perseverance, and anyone who is not serious enough in his endeavors may end up quitting halfway through.

However, with the emergence of websites that promote P.O.D. or publish-on-demand services, aspiring writers are brought a step closer to the end product of all their efforts. The internet has indeed made a lot of things easier and because of sites like Lulu, Cafepress and Createspace, publishing a book has certainly become doable.

Of course, before a book can be published
it has to be written first. So the first and most crucial step on how to publish a book is to actually find time to write it. Choose a topic that is of most interest to you and set a time each day to work on organizing your wealth of knowledge and ideas about it on paper.

Then comes the planning on just how to present your book, which is just as important as writing it. First impressions do play a major role in attracting readers to your book. The cover, and how much of the book you can show on it may make or break your career as a writer. However, it pays to keep it simple so as not to distract your potential readers to the message your book wishes to impart. This holds true in choosing a title for your book. Take care not to get too creative that readers end up shying away because they cannot make sense out of your book’s title.

The interior appearance of the book is also important, and again simplicity is the key. You wouldn’t want your readers to end up with a headache because there’s too much color or unnecessary graphics on your pages, or that your font is too small for the naked eye.

After writing and designing your book comes the very important part of pricing it right. You wouldn’t want to overprice or underprice your book. Check out the competition and see just how much a potential reader would be willing to pay to read your book. This step is just as important as all the rest. You need to keep in mind what would be most profitable for both you and the reader.

Next comes the easiest part of choosing and registering to a P.O.D. site to trust with the publication of your book. As mentioned above, there’s Lulu, Cafepress, and Createspace that offer free services to guide you through uploading, designing and finally publishing your book. They also offer ample tips on how to publish a book. Unlike with traditional publications, with P.O.D. sites you are in control of everything. It takes lesser time for your book to be published, and helps you gain more out of your book sales.

Publishing a book on your own is not a piece of cake since you are responsible for all aspects of the process and is obliged to learn to take each step with an ample amount of knowledge and professional insight.


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