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Importance of Travel website design to travel industry By jim damon

  in Internet | Published 2010-01-26 07:17:08 | 279 Reads | Unrated


Not every business can afford television advertising, but a website provides a platform which bridges the gap between known and unknown about different places.

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Everyone knows the power of internet and how different it is from the conventional advertising and marketing whether it is the print advertising or other media advertising. In terms of time your travel websites are available for are accessible for a longer period of time, the flexibility that the content can be changed without asking someone,if you have a content management system. Also travel websites will help your business potentially reach a wider audience. By this it does not mean that you should not have the benefits of other forms of advertising. You can make your website more interac
tive so that the people who use it can give in their suggestions and make it more user friendly. The Internet with the extent and ease of its reach has allowed businesses to break the geographical barriers and become accessible, virtually, from any country in the world by a potential customer that has Internet access. For travel tour operators consider someone coming from a different country and has got access of your website. This will help them to make their bookings early and can also enhance your online reputation. Not every business can afford television advertising, but a website provides a platform which bridges the gap between known and unknown about different places. A customer far away from your business or tourists coming from different parts of the world will find it more easy to contact you through your website rather than a phone call. It is generally hard to choose what to say in the limited-space of printed ads. One of the biggest benefit of having a website for your travel business is that you have ample space to market all your services, announce events like festival discounts, place specific events, ability to display different tour packages and also some photos of special attractions, show maps and directions, list staff education and credentials, post client testimonials and industry awards—anything you feel can help potential customers make an informed decision. Another biggest advantage of having a travel website is it's availability even when your business is closed or no one is available to answer your phone. Everyone knows that there are so many time zones, and the visitors can come from any part of the world. So having a travel website gives your travel business visibility for all 365 days of year 24x7. But you as a business should make sure that the travel website design is truely effective which gives your business a competitive edge. By effective travel website design it is meant that your travel website is able to anticipate the needs of the potential customers and also meet them. You should be crystal clear in your mind that if your website does not have a good content and has poor user interface and lacks in the design website then it wont help in your business promotion. By addressing the content of your website and website management issues, you have a fair chance that the people will like your website. To make your web presence known to people you can use various online marketing techniques. Search engines like google and bing have both paid searches as well as free searches called organic search. If the travel website design is excellent and your content is great, the online marketing of your website can increase the total number of visitors to your business. The most important point that many online businesses and website owners forget is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Make sure that your website help the customers to make informed decisions. You have section in the website where the customers can leave their reviews about the service you have offered and also the grievance section which will help you to know where your business lacks. Always remember the thumb rule that it is 7-10 times expensive to rope in a new customer than retain the existing customer.


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