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My Top Modeling Acting Agent By Nicholas Jarder

  in Entertainment | Published 2012-05-06 01:33:06 | 119 Reads | Unrated


The modeling industry is a very competitive industry There are so many girls who want to be models these days

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The modeling industry is a very competitive industry. There are so many girls who want to be models these days. Some have what it takes others don’t. Among those who have what it takes, some end up having very successful careers while others do not go far. If you want to be one of those models who end up having successful modeling careers, you have to find the right agent to help you there.

My top modeling acting agent should be someone genuine. A lot of young people fall victims to scam’s by simply being too gullible. You meet a stranger on the streets or the mall
and he tells you that he can make you a star and you believe him? That’s not how you meet an agent. Secondly genuine agents do not make such promises. Also, be very cautious about people who claim to be agents and then invite you back o their houses for a photo shoot. There are people who have been robbed, raped or even murdered by simply falling for that.

A genuine agent will invite you for a meeting at the agency and not at his apartment. Mostly, the right way to meet agents is by going to the agencies with your headshots and resume then you can talk to the agent.

If you need to take modeling or acting classes, you can do that before you decide to get an agent. Some fake agencies dupe their clients by telling them to pay for mandatory workshops before they can be signed on. My top modeling acting agent is one that knows that his/her main job is to get me auditions or book me jobs. It’s up to me to nourish my talents and skills at my own expense and in my own way not through the agency.

My top modeling acting agent should be earning his income from my commissions and not from some extra charges. A good agent is one who will get you jobs so that he can earn his commission. This should not be someone who asks you to keep making payments for different ‘services’ but he fails you to get you jobs. Some quack agents ask you to pay consultation fees, photo shoot fees, counseling fees, audition fees and other drummed up charges, and these are scams.

Some modeling acting agents put up adverts in the classifieds or other advertising columns. You should be very cautious about this. There are so many people who want to get into showbiz and most of these agencies end up getting walk-ins. They hardly go out to look for people to sign up. My top modeling acting agent should be someone well reputable, someone well established that he doesn’t have to set up camps in random locations to look for new talents. He shouldn’t also be someone that has to work had to convince people to become actors or models in order to sign up with his agency. If an agent has no other clients apart from you, then you should be very wary of him.


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