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Natural Supplements For Painful Menstrual Cycle To Improve Reproductiv By Alton Patrick

  in Women's Interest | Published 2014-12-16 03:20:11 | 114 Reads | Unrated


Women can use natural remedies to get relief from painful menstrual cycle. Gynex capsule is one of the best natural supplements for painful menstrual cycle.

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Suffering from menstrual pain has become very common. About 15 percent of them are prone to so severe menstrual pain that they become unable to do their household work during this period. In some cases, the pain is reduced after childbirth, but for many women it continues forever. However, women can use natural supplements to get relief from painful menstrual cycle.

Now lots of efficient natural supplements are available in the market, but all of them are not too much effective to cure this problem. Gynex capsules are the best instance among them.

Remedies for p

ainful menstruation: Not only natural supplements, there are lots of ways to treat the menstrual cramps. Here are few effective natural remedies for curing the problem of painful menstruation. Tag on the remedies along with natural supplements to get relief from painful menstrual cycle.

Heating: Hot compress is very much helpful for lessening the menstrual cramps. It has been found that a heating pad in the abdomen or lower back are helpful for menstrual cramp. Women also can take the hot bath for painful menstruation. Besides, they also may use Gynex capsules to solve the problem of painful menstrual cycle.

Vitamins: As per research, calcium, zinc and vitamin B are too essential to lessen the menstrual cramps and other discomforts of this condition. In addition, experts suggest taking the help of natural supplements to get relief from painful menstrual cycle.

It has been proved that calcium is efficient to maintain the muscle tones and prevent menstrual cramps. Milk is the best source of calcium. So, women should consume milk every day.

Magnesium is another component which helps to absorb the calcium. Vegetables, beans, wheat, tofu, salmon, shrimps and nuts are also efficient sources of magnesium.

Chamomile: This particular herb is extensively used for treating menstrual cramps. Add 2 teaspoons of some dried chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling water. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Then add honey and sugar to it and consume it to lessen the pain. In addition, many women consume Gynex capsules to improve their reproductive functions and to regulate their menstrual cycle.

Exercise: Exercise is another efficient natural way to get relief from menstrual pain. Exercise lessens the muscle sprain and improves the mood of the person. So, go for simple walking or jogging for 20 minutes in every morning. It is very much helpful for eliminating menstrual cramps. Women can use natural supplements to get relief from painful menstrual cycle as well as to improve their reproductive health.

Ginger root: A root of the ginger plant is considered as remedy for menstrual cramps. Just prepare ginger tea. In order to do it, Take a piece of ginger and crush it well. Then add it to boiling water for about 15 minutes. Then strain the liquid and take the ginger tea to get relief from menstrual cramps. Experts also suggest using Gynex capsules along with the herbal remedies.

The above mentioned remedies are very much helpful for curing the problem of periodical pain of women. So, follow them to overcome the problem of menstrual cramps and to enhance the reproductive health.

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