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Only Utilize Reputable Oil Well Paraffin Treatment Experts By Jenifer Whitmire

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This substance is waxy and adheres to all surfaces. If in a constant motion and the temperature is warm, it will flow freely.

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The use of crude oil will normally produce a substance that has a waxy feel. If this is not controlled the wells will eventually be clogged and production will either be slowed or stopped altogether. Oil well paraffin treatment is needed to clear out these deposits.

This substance is waxy and adheres to all surfaces. If in a constant motion and the temperature is warm, it will flow freely. If the inside environment change is will begin to stick together and a candle wax formation will take place.


oducts when applied make a barrier between the wax crystals. This forces them to remain apart, very similar to the positive and negative of a battery. The edges will begin to distort, thus preventing them from fusing together again.

Many companies will use their own formula when dealing with this clean-up. However, the same method is used. The well is pumped until everything is out. Then depending of the chemical they use, up to 5 gallons can be added to 220 gallons of crude oil as well as 20 g's of road fuel oil. This is all dumped down and an air compressor is connected. This pressure will be applied for about one to one and a half hours at a maximum pressure of 135psi, and then the well will be sealed off.

Scientists then need to survey the area and conduct an environmental impact study. Legal issues in the form of a lease agreement, title and right-of way accesses need to be work out before crews can be bought in to prepare the land. For the land to be accessible, it needs to be cleared and levelled.

If the deposit is not too bad, the chemical used are; Benzene, toluene, xylene, ethyl benzene just to name a few. For stronger problems these solvents are used; cyclopentane, cyclopentane, cyclohexane, carbon disulfide and decalin. These have a better solubility with polymers even if temperatures are reduced.

In the United States alone, close to 5 billion barrels are produced each day. This then gets converted into kerosene, heating oil and gasoline. There are still thousands of these wells that have had to close due to blockage in the pipes. Sometimes if there is too much of the hard, dry wax and solvents cannot dissolve this, the whole well will need to be stripped. This is a messy and very expensive procedure. The cost of this can sometimes reach as much as $5,000.

This oil comes from the remains of animals and plants that have died millions of years ago. Over time, they decay in the sedimentary layers. These then get broken down further into carbon-rich compounds and eventually form fine-grained shale. As new layers are piled on top they exert tremendous pressure and heat on the rock. This then changes the organic materials into crude oil and natural gases.

This oil originates from animals and plants that have died millions of years ago. They eventually decay into sedimentary layers. They get broken down into compounds and eventually become fine-grained shale. Over the next million years or so new layers are deposited on top which exerts tremendous pressure and the rock then produces heat. When this happens the organic material changes into crude oil and natural gases. Oil well paraffin treatment has proved to be an effective means to keeping wells operational.

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