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PlanetaryGearmotorFAQ By michel lumb

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Some of the demerits of planetary gearboxes include an ever-increasing requirement for constant lubrication, high-bearing loads, inaccessibility

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What Are The Disadvantages Of A Planetary Gearbox? 

Some of the demerits of planetary gearboxes include an ever-increasing requirement for constant lubrication, high-bearing loads, inaccessibility, including complex design.

What Are Planetary Gearboxes?

These are high precision, motion-control devices capable of creating a substantial amount of pressure concerning their size. They also comprise of high torsional stiffness, with low backlash. This attribute is what makes them suitable for a wide range of tasks.

rong>Are Spur And Planetary Gearboxes Bi-Directional?

Yes, they both are. They have been designed for use in bi-directional operation. The arrangement of the gears and the input direction shaft rotating the gearbox will determine the overall rotation of the output shaft. For applications with bidirectional operations, the backlash of the gearbox should be taken into account.

What Are Planetary Gears?

This system has three main parts, Ring Gear, the Sun Gear, and two or more Planet Gears. The Sun gear is found at the core, while the ring gear is the outermost and the planet gears are the ones surrounding the sun and inside the ring gear.

What Is "Sun Gear"?

This is a gear wheel in a Planetary Gearmotor system. It rotates around its axis with other gears (planet gears) revolving around it. It is akin to the Sun and planets in our solar system. That is where it derives its name.

 How Many Planet Gears Are In A Gearbox?

This varies with the number of planetary gears in a gearbox varies based on the gear ratio. Planetary have two to five planet gears. However, the strength of individual gearbox is determined by the size of the sun gear. Larger sun gears, on the other hand, allows for higher torque values in terms of operations.

Just What Are The Positive Aspects Of A Planetary Gear?

It is capable of high precision, right angle configurations, with breaking system with low noise, and maintenance free.They offer a wide range of merits, which include, high power density, a substantial reduction in a small volume with pure torsional reactions, with multiple kinematic combinations, and greater coaxial shafting.

How Can I Choose My Gearbox?

One fundamental aspect of differentiating individual gearboxes is their performance abilities. Selecting one for use depends mainly on your task. Gearboxes can also be found in many ratios, sizes, efficiency, and backlash characteristics. These design attributes will influence the overall performance and cost of your gearbox. There are many types of gearboxes available. These are Bevel, Helical, Spur, Worm, and Planetary.

What Sectors Are Planetary Gearboxes Commonly Utilized In?

They have many technical functions, in the field of Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Food Processing, Marine Industry, not forgetting Power Plants.

How Can I Ascertain If My Planetary Gearbox Comes With An Extra Of Friction?

Excess friction is brought about by too much lubrication, out-of-tolerance components, and poor gear or bearing quality. However, it all depends on the ratio and size of each one of them.

Can I Use Oil Or Grease To Lubricate The Planetary Gearbox?


Both oil and grease have the capability of lubricating Planetary Gearmotor. On the one hand, a lubricant is more advantageous as it provides lubrication for the maintenance of the gearbox, hence, eliminating a lot of maintenance, while oil requires constant maintenance and re-lubrication over more extended periods.



Find more information relating to Planetary Gearmotor, and Planetengetriebemotoren here.


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