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Post-Surgical Recovery Benefits Using a Cold Therapy Machine By Dean Martin

  in Medical Business | Published 2017-01-13 10:29:31 | 271 Reads | Unrated


Cold therapy machines speeds up your recovery and ease the pain of surgery, injury, and rehabilitation without the risk of infection from dripping bags of ice.

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Getting back on your feet as soon as possible after orthopedic injuries or surgery is your number one priority. The traditional method of pain medication and ice therapy is widely accepted for treating injuries and helping with post-surgery rehabilitation.  However, sometimes patients struggle to comply with the traditional ice therapy part of the recovery process.


Have you ever had to use a drippy, messy bag of ice to relieve the pain and swelling after an orthopedic surgery or injury?  Well, then you know how inconvenient this can be. The ice only says

frozen for a minimal amount of time, the bag leaks, and your left with a wet watery mess to clean up, not to mention the risk you take getting the surgical site wet!  Ice packs or bags of ice are messy and inconvenient.  Ice packs do not conform to the contour of your body, and can also drip condensation to the surgical site.


Pain medication can have side effects that do not outweigh the benefits, and do not help promote the healing of the affected area, but serve to only mask the pain.


But what if there was another way?  What if there was another way to speed your recovery and ease the pain of surgery, injury, and rehabilitation without the risk of infection from dripping bags of ice?  What if there was a way you could use far less pain medication, and achieve better pain relieving results?  The use of the Cryotech 100 Cold therapy machine by IsoComforter, Inc. is a proven way to help recover from orthopedic surgery, trauma, and sports injuries. IsoComforter’s cold therapy machine provides state-of-the-art cold therapy that gets the job done effectively. Numerous studies have shown that the use of cold therapy machines is the superior method to optimize healing and speed your recovery time.


The benefits of using a cold therapy machine is the length of time the machine can deliver cold therapy to the site.  IsoComforter’s cold therapy machine can circulate cold water around the incision site via our patented Iso Tube cold therapy pads for hours at a time. This enables the patient to gain the proven pain-relief and healing benefits that only cold therapy machines can provide!


IsoComforter cold therapy machines have been shown to decrease pain, muscle spasms, and swelling. IsoComforter cold therapy machines are the most convenient portable cold therapy unit. You can use your cold therapy machine at home, plugged into an outlet, or take it with you and use it in your car with our Auto adapter.


Isocomforter’s cold therapy machines are designed to avoid any operational confusion and handling. The integrated design of a self-priming pump allows the patient to add the appropriate ice and water in accordance to the instructions and just plug in the wall adapter to start the recirculation process. The cold therapy machine can be used above and below the wounded area without having to manually pump or prime using elevation. IsoComforter recognizes that patients are in some degree of discomfort and we strive to make the recovery process as comfortable and short as possible.


For years IsoComforter has proven itself in real-world conditions on patients that have reported exceptional outcomes when using our product. For the ultimate in cold therapy treatment, trust IsoComforter. It’s easy to use and proven effective.


IsoComforter, Inc., located in South Florida, manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art cold therapy products nationwide for effective pain control after orthopedic injuries, shoulder pains, back surgery, rotator cuff surgery ( IsoComforter.Com/Cold-therapy-unit-with-iso-tube-shoulder-pad ) and ACL knee surgery.


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