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Professional vs. Amateur translation service: a definite guide! By Smith Brown

  in Travel | Published 2019-12-02 11:01:57 | 9 Reads | Unrated


This article tells you about the difference between professional and amateur translation service.

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In this expensive climate, it might be tempting to turn down a professional service to save some quick bucks.

However, translation services and the work it is involved in can threaten the reputation of the carrier.

If you are thinking of getting Japanese translation services (for example), because of the intricate nature of language, it is better to get it translated from a professional service.

Therefore, there are a lot of factors to consider while

choosing between a professional and amateur translation service.

We here at translation service Australia made notable points to make your decision an informed one.


Professional translators are highly educated, especially our NAATI translators who are well recognized in Australia, who can speak and write both the translated and the target language.

The most amateur translator may not have proper education or experience in the language and use automated services such as Google translate for their services.

Automated translation does not get the exact meaning of the language as machine learning does not understand words of idiomatic nature.

Amateur translators, unlike professional translation, translate at face value!

Attention to detail

A professional translator translates the meaning but not the words.

They translate the negative meaning to positive ones or unite or break phrases to bring a formality to the document.

A word by word translation for a quality translation that maintains the meaning of the text is the first thing a professional translator looks for.

However, the same cannot be said for an amateur translator.

Although he may get some aspect of it right, the entire translation may not yield a positive result.


The amateur translation may produce a copy using machine translation.

That is not “translation”!

The translation is the kind of work that requires knowledge, technique, and requirements of the language.

Professional translators do not hand over an edited copy; it is unethical and immediately visible.

Unlike amateur services, professional translator cares much about their reputation as their work.

Cultural style and linguistic fluidity

Professional translators are familiar with the language and the way it is used.

They add formality, tone, and cultural fluency into the translation.

For example, when getting Spanish Translation Services, a professional translator will quickly understand the word "Nova" means different in Spanish and English.

While in English, the word nova means worldly formations; in Spanish, it says, "No go."

This is the kind of perfection you can expect from a professional translator.

Language quirks

A professional translator would be able to express the meaning of the language accurately.

For example, An Italian to English translator knows that the native language often places a possessive adjective before the noun to allow emphasis on the subject.

They understand patterns of the language to correctly express the meaning and even add a few adjectives or two to make it more proper.

Amateur translation struggles with such quirks and delivers something entirely different.


Through countless years of experience, a professional translator would know how long a translation would take.

That way, they can tell the client the exact date of delivery.

They utilize efficient time management services to get things done orderly and eloquently.

Professional translation service does not promise false hope.


Professional translation service promotes work transparency to its clients.

From the length of the project, completion time, cost of the project to policy reforms, everything is stated clearly to avoid any confusion.

The client is updated at regular intervals to let them know the progress of the work.

Having a transparent work culture creates reliability among clients, and that what professional services aim at.

Without affirming the client’s agreement to the terms and conditions of the service, no work takes place.

Legal knowledge

Professional translators understand the legal requirements of the country.

There work does not violate the legal proceeding of the country.

An improperly translated document can create a legal fuss.

Therefore, a professional translator makes sure that the translated documents abide well to the regulator forum of the country.

Code of conduct

Translating documents carry sensitive information that may require confidentiality treatment.

There is a strict guideline that professional service work with to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the client.

There are strict laws against such a violation.

Services such as translation service Australia make sure that such a code of conduct is maintained.


I hope this will help you make an informed decision to choose between a professional or an amateur translation service. The choice is quite apparent!



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I am a NAATI translator and have been operating translation service in a wide range of categories for more than five years across Australia.

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