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Qualities of a good Architect By Ambreen Ali

  in Career | Published 2013-10-28 08:46:16 | 390 Reads | Unrated


An architect is a person who should be able to handle many co-related jobs simultaneously and have knowledge of geography, history, sociology, and psychology. A good architect is the one that knows something about everything and ready to learn new things as they are being introduced.

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Architecture is becoming an increasingly popular subject. Combining art, science and technology, studying architecture can help to develop personal skills, communication skills and professional qualities. Students find that the subject provides a balance of mathematical, logical thinking processes with modern technology and the creative arts, allowing for an extremely varied degree. An architect should be organized, creative, and resourceful. They must have the ability to know the constructability, resources, environmental impact,

social impact, material durability, understanding of how the environment effects the mixture of materials introduced and many other aspects of the building, while maintaining the expression of art or ideology that the building represents and have the leadership to coordinate this endeavor with the countless people necessary to make the project a reality. The professional requirements for architects vary from place to place, but usually consist of three elements: a university degree or advanced education, a period of internship or training in an office, and examination for registration with a jurisdiction. If you want to be an architect you should be creative and have good visualization skills. Not only do you need to be able to create designs for buildings and other structures, you need to be able to see, in your mind's eye, what they will look like once they are built. Since architects have to describe their ideas to other people including clients and colleagues, you must have strong communication skills. The ability to think critically will help you solve problems that inevitably arise during most projects.

An architect should certainly have an inquisitive attitude towards everything. Only then would he/she be able to experiment with his/her designs. As architecture is a subject rarely studied before university level, many believe that it doesn’t matter what previous experience or skills you hold. Architecture is in fact related to a variety of subjects, so experience and a good secondary education in maths, science and art is ideal. An architect is a person who should be able to handle many co-related jobs simultaneously and have knowledge of geography, history, sociology, and psychology. A good architect is the one that knows something about everything and ready to learn new things as they are being introduced. Most universities and architecture schools require you to provide a portfolio of your design work, showing your ability to draw freehand and create 3D models. Your portfolio is the most important part of your application. The key to having a successful portfolio is to think about how it will be viewed, what messages you are sending based on the content you are providing, and to consider how much time someone will actually be looking at your portfolio. Once you qualify as an architect, you can expect a great variety of work too; specialise in residential architecture or choose to design commercial buildings. Whatever area of architecture you decide to work in, you can be sure that your working day will provide varied working environments and projects. Once qualified, many architects work for themselves on a self-employed basis, or together in a partnership, similar to Law firms, although some do work for larger companies on fixed salaries. A licensed architect, after gaining experience, may take on increasingly responsible duties and advance to supervisory or managerial positions in large firms. The difference between someone doing well and someone doing great as an architect is not their design skills, it’s their ability to make a personal connection with the people who hire them, work through problems by extrapolating similar conditions and codifying that process, and understanding why some solutions work and others don’t. So if you’re wondering if you will experience success should you choose to become an architect … you probably already know the answer.

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