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Ready to Go Packaging Industry By Jerri Lily

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Hangzhou , the beautiful Qiantang River over the recent intensive exchange of domestic and international packaging industry November 19 , the World Packaging Industry Forum held in Hangzhou

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Hangzhou , the beautiful Qiantang River over the recent intensive exchange of domestic and international packaging industry .

November 19 , the World Packaging Industry Forum held in Hangzhou . Representatives of relevant United Nations agencies, the World Packaging Organization , the relevant state ministries , the national industry leaders , international investment and financing institutions , Fortune 500 companies and packaging of agricultural products , food and other industry leading companies from the United States , Germany, France , Japan, Mexico and China
' more than 600 people in Hong Kong , entrepreneurs and experts and scholars in Taiwan participated in the Forum , this place has not been the first time outside the industry so much attention .

Packaging industry incubator

As early as 10 years ago , by the World Packaging Organization and the Chinese government approval , the Asian packaging center ( known as sub- package under center ) as the first global industrial center in China established by international organizations located in Hangzhou . According to one person was involved in the preparation of sub- package memories center , with the center of the world packaging industry is gradually shifting to China , closer to trend , China 's packaging industry has been higher than 18 % of the average annual growth rate of increase. 2003 package has exceeded 270 billion yuan of industrial output , retail and domestic exporters of nearly $ 440 billion of consumer support provided 460 million yuan , a real world packaging big country . Scale became the consensus in the industry , the use of concentration and radiation hypoperitectic center of the world's most advanced packaging technology , equipment, materials , products, and management moved to China , and even the WPO and over one hundred member countries , in particular, the migration of key institutions WPO International Packaging standards Commission headquarters to China , a strong impetus to the development of China 's packaging industry . Shanghai , Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places are also gearing up to join the competition sub- package center, eventually Hangzhou the most favorable policies and good investment environment to secure the sub- package center located in West Lake. This is the place with the full support of domestic and inseparable .

Beginning of the construction , the center received strong hypoperitectic World Packaging Organization and the Chinese government 's support. World Packaging Organization original owners Xisai Ji · Harbaugh Feld said: " Construction of the center should be seen as sub- package is a major event in the world packaging industry I, as President of the World Packaging Organization , will join with the majority of members of attention and support. construction of the center . "

At that time the provincial leaders have repeatedly made ??important instructions , stating that " hypoperitectic Center is an international organization established in our first global industrial center", " the province to accelerate the construction of an advanced manufacturing base , improve the overall level of the packaging industry , and promote packaging industry to become more competitive world, has very important significance. must seize this opportunity to attach great importance to close cooperation , and actively promote effectively the center of the building is good . " And stressed the need to " strive to build a world center of the Asian packaging and packaging industry center to become China's packaging industry restructuring ' propeller ' and new packaging industries ' incubator ', to promote China's packaging industry by leaps and bounds ."

Subsequently , a series of supporting policies have been put forward . Zhejiang provincial government , the Hangzhou municipal government has formulated the World Packaging Center ( hereinafter referred to as the World package center ) Plan " five" , "five " and the national packaging industries , to promote the packaging industry for the first time included in the national "Twelve Five" development program , and to the world for the first time included in the package center construction in Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province, and "five" development program .

Layout abroad

In 2003, the Asian Centre of bag packaging industry leading enterprises established abroad Asian Packaging Center Co., Ltd. , is responsible for organizing the construction of sub- package center , as a financial manufacturing , science, education , research , information, trade, culture, finance and service in one of the worldwide industrial centers, sub- package central planning over a total area of ??100 square kilometers , the first phase starting area of ??35 square kilometers, the total planned investment and direct investment over 20 billion U.S. dollars , year after completion of the sales value of up to $ 30 billion , the annual intake export volume up to $ 15 billion .

The establishment of professional and regional bases in China layout while hypoperitectic center will also spread its tentacles into other places abroad , plan to establish an international headquarters in Hong Kong and Shanghai , the establishment of a number of sub-base or branches in major countries on five continents . Also, regularly organizes the World Packaging Industry Forum , the global summit and bag packing Fair and other large international packaging activities , create a " world's most advanced packaging manufacturing center ," as its strategic goal , according to this goal, " hypoperitectic Center" planning process areas to their advantage to attract Youqiang leading packaging companies gather here, plans to introduce more than 1,000 large and medium enterprises , investment amount of 120 million U.S. dollars, while the introduction of trade and development and to form a new type of packaging industry chain.

In addition , another important part of the "headquarters economy " is also a sub- package centers, including science centers, research centers , information centers, trade centers, financial centers, cultural centers, service centers. Headquarters building in the sub- region 's landmark buildings and the central business district package , will introduce the World Packaging Organization member states over 1000 , all intercontinental packaging organizations associated with international trade organizations , as well as large companies, large corporations , into Park enterprises. By then, will fight for the Asian Packaging Organization and the International Packaging Technology Standards Commission moved here , the World Packaging Organization will also set up branches here. Hypoperitectic headquarters will become a world center of the packaging industry, " little United Nations ."

Currently, the building has been completed and sub- package soon settled . Has been with the World Packaging Organization and the Global Alliance of SMEs and other organizations signed a permanent office space rental agreement settled one U.S. dollar , and settled and signed cooperation agreements with Fortune 500 companies , large international companies. World packaging industry center pattern has basically formed a large platform , known as the packaging industry "aircraft carrier" has begun to take shape .

According to related statistics , in 2012 the scale of China's packaging industry output value of more than 1.5 trillion yuan enterprise , second only to the United States the world's second largest packaging country . Experts predict that the next decade China's packaging industry will be significantly ahead of GDP growth , the average annual growth rate of over 20% , continues to maintain its leading position .

Packaging industry as a "sunrise industry" , covers all areas of the national economy and the industry , which not only reflects the level of development of comprehensive national strength and competitiveness , but also an important symbol of national scientific and technological progress and social civilization, has become to promote economic restructuring and upgrading , promote relevant new pillar industry in the development of the power industry . After reform and opening up, especially in leaps and bounds over the past decade , China's packaging industry formed a relatively complete industrial system , complete range of products , technological progress and enhance the capability of independent innovation , scientific and technological achievements have been a lot of packing to meet or exceed the international advanced level.

Packaging industry aircraft carrier ready

But in terms of variety, quality , new product research and development capabilities as well as economic benefits, there are still many gaps with developed countries . Representative of cutting-edge technology , materials, machinery and other monopolized by Europe, Japan, Germany and other developed countries. Looking back at the domestic packaging industry , large enterprises and small-scale , due to the lower threshold appears redundant construction , it is difficult to form industrial concentration ; less product variety, low- quality single structure , showing the lack of research and development capabilities , the main high-grade packaging equipment and heavily dependent on imports of raw materials , lack of innovation, low recovery of packaging waste causing environmental destruction .

" Urgent need through technological progress , technological innovation , new product development to enhance the competitiveness of the packaging business development ." Xu Guanhua, Chinese Academy of Sciences pointed out sharply.

The face of difficulties and opportunities , many domestic packaging industry will have eyes on the center of the world pack , looking forward to the ship "carrier ship in " to lead the domestic packaging industry to go abroad, to sail the world .

During the World Packaging Organization Jin Sato , president of the Asian packaging center was held in Hangzhou, the World Packaging Industry Forum , said: "World Center through the construction of the headquarters base package and an advanced manufacturing base , is conducive to the rapid accumulation of resources and the global packaging industry quality factor ; accelerating packaging intensive and recycling of resources to create a combination of industrial transformation and livelihood bases, build military and civilian goods packaging technology integration and development base, accelerating green packaging and standardization of form master core technologies and innovative industry talent Heights and so have a positive significance to the packaging plays industry and related industries as well as packaging industry transformation and upgrading of sustainable development demonstration and leading role in promoting the realization of dream of a powerful package . "

" Enterprises ' dream of a powerful ' cohesion requires not only within the industry , but also all aspects of cohesion , the current comprehensive deepening reform coincides with the new government on the occasion , which will have a huge impact on China and the world economy and the strong the driving force , but also for the development of the packaging industry, the world packaging industry center construction provides an excellent opportunity . " Jin Sato said .

Construction of the center from the beginning of World package will look far more freely , "based on domestic and global look " is the strategic positioning of the center of the world pack , through the integration of international resources , the establishment of the World Packaging Industry Center Alliance . Joint international organizations, chambers of commerce , large companies, consortiums , investment and financing institutions, educational and research institutions , packaging of agricultural products , food and other industrial enterprises, joint exploration and research , development, manufacturing , and service industry the latest cutting-edge topics in the field of packaging , together promote international packaging industry resources and the effective use and integration of advanced elements ; together to promote the packaging industry to upgrade and enhance innovation capability ; packaging industry together to promote standardization and green revolution ; packaging industry together to promote resource conservation and recycling ; together to promote the packaging industry from the " big" change " strong" , to promote the packaging industry towards a more green, environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable direction.

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