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Reasons to Invest in Septic Tank Maintenance By Sean Erik

  in Business | Published 2019-08-28 05:44:06 | 31 Reads | Unrated


Septic systems are one of the oldest wastewater treatment structures. Although most of the American homes are connected to the centralized sewer system, some urban and rural areas still use septic tanks for disposal of wastewater. If your house also has one for the treatment of wastewater, you need

to understand, like an automobile, it also needs maintenance although the frequency of septic tank maintenance is lesser than servicing of an automobile. You just have to do it once every year, or if your septic system is designed properly, you may require it every three years. So in this post, we are sharing the importance of septic tank maintenance.

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Prevent system failure

This is the main objective of septic tank maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures the proper functioning of the tank and helps diagnose potential issues early on. Sludge and scum formed in the tank over the period can lead to blockage of drainage from the home, and drain pipes begin to back-up. If it left untreated, it can lead to failure of the whole septic system which would be very costly to repair. A major repair of a failed septic system may cost you around $1000 to $5000. If repair cannot fix the problem, you may have to install a new septic sy

stem which costs you around $5000 to $10000. On the other hand, septic tank maintenance hardly costs you few hundred dollars.

Extend the lifespan of tank

Septic tanks may last for 100 years if you take care of them properly. But at the same time, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of your septic system, it may start causing trouble in as little as 2 years. Regular septic tank maintenance extends the lifespan of a septic tank and reduces the risks of damage to the tank.

Increase efficiency

Regular septic tank maintenance increases the efficiency of the septic tank. Scum and sludge hamper the biological decomposition process in the tank and decrease the efficiency of the tank. If you do not remove scum and sludge in the tank, it will generate gases in the tank and produce harmful bacteria, which eventually lead to the killing of the vital bacteria responsible for decomposition. Regular maintenance makes sure that your septic tank functions efficiently.

Prevent health and environmental issues

Septic leaks can pose serious threats to the environment and the health of occupants. If scum and sludge are not pumped out on time, your septic tank will start producing foul odors and grow unnecessary vegetation near the absorption field. Untreated wastewater will start infiltrating into the soil absorption field. And this untreated water contains poisonous chemicals and organic compounds that can easily contaminate soil and nearby water bodies. You may end up attracting fine by local authorities as it is your responsibility to keep your septic system working properly. Routine maintenance keeps all such problems away and makes sure your tank functions properly.

So these are some key reasons why regular septic tank maintenance is important.


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