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Rent a Car in Rockhampton and Explore By redhot rental

  in Automotive | Published 2014-04-09 00:52:03 | 217 Reads | Unrated


This article outlines some of the places you can visit when you rent a car in Rockhampton. These trips are easy and you only need an economy car rental in Rockhampton to enjoy them.

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When you smell ‘bull’ in the air, you can be sure you are in Rockhampton, the beef capital of Australia. This quiet little town cradled on the Tropic of Capricorn is the administrative and commercial center in the Queensland area. Now why is this so famous? It is because it is the gateway to the coastal wonders of Yeppoon and Great Keppel Island. That does not mean that the Rockhampton has nothing to offer. Just rent a car and a Rockhampton map, and set forth and you will definitely find many wonders to explore.

  • Dreamtime Cultural Center – If you w
    ant to know more about the aboriginal culture of Australia, this is the perfect place to visit. It is situated 7 km off town so you can simply avail an economy car rental in Rockhampton and set forth. The wide roads will be a pleasure to drive on and there is no need to invest in heavy 4wd cars for this drive. The center itself is a fascinating look into the indigenous history. It spreads across 30 acres of natural bushlands and ancient tribal sites housing various displays that tell the story of the aboriginal people.
  • Mount Archer – If you are a bit more confident about your driving you can rent a car in Rockhampton and head for the Archer mountains. Lying north east of this quaint little town, the mount rises 604m providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Once you reach there you can stretch out your legs in the environmental park that has lovely trails taking you along eucalyptus trees and a rainforest lush with wildlife.
  • Botanic Gardens – For an added dose of nature, you can head to the botanic garden that is situated just south of the town. It houses many tropical and sub-tropical trees like banyan figs. It also has manicured gardens, and a formal Japanese style garden. The amalgamation of all these diverse vegetation is met with a diverse wildlife as well. The on board zoo has koalas, dingoes and wombats – all the Australian classics. It also has a walk through aviary if you happen to like birds.

There are many such small trips you can take around the town by simply availing an economy car rental in Rockhampton. There are also some bigger trips you can take that will require you to take the sufficient preparations. If you rent a car Rockhampton you can go to the famous Capricorn Caves. The limestone caves are an experience of a lifetime. The cave is easy to get around and there are guided tours that reveal some of the mysteries of the cave. While the cave is aptly lit with electrical lights, you can opt for the candlelight experience that makes the trip a bit more eerie and mysterious.

Then there is the Yeppoon. Situated only 38km north east of Rockhampton, this is a must visit for tourists and locals alike. This coastal town overlooks the various off shore islands on the famous, Great Barrier reef. You can enjoy the blue skies and the even bluer seas, and simply have a relaxed day out or you can take the trip a step further and explore the islands.

There is a lot you can do through an cheap car rental Rockhampton; you will not be disappointed.


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