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Some Social Media Tools for Giving Edge to Your Enterprise By Amit Dua

  in Marketing | Published 2019-03-05 01:15:51 | 54 Reads | Unrated


In the present scenario, social media marketing is undoubtedly a prominent tool to enhance your business online. Social media renders a perfect way to reach the masses in an easy way. For becoming a market leader on the internet, you need to have a strong online presence over all types of the social

media network. Even if you don’t have the deep knowledge about this area then also you can acquire an overwhelming experience here without any second thought. There is no doubt that if you don’t have the social media tools then also you can accomplish a lot of things on social media websites. But, the significance of the tools also cannot be overlooked. The appropriate social media tools are helpful for you or your business. The tools are unquestionably perfect for creating or repurposing the content and to get the best way to get engaged with the audiences, which is a major thing to do while working on social media platforms. These social media tools are also ideal sources to create a comprehensive posting schedule. Some of the social media tools that may help you in enhancing your business can be read as follows: Popular Social Media Tools Buffer Buffer is the favorite social media tool of many and the major aspect that allures the social media markets is its feature of easy scheduling. It saves time and allows you to plan ahead with an easy way of scheduling to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Moreover, it allows you to share directly from any of the websites. The tool drives engagement even when you are inactive. With Buffer, you can share the stuff at the best possible time. Here are some ideas about scheduling on Buffer. 1-In place of scheduling every single post, Buffer allows you to create a schedule for posting. The Buffer posting schedule includes your preferred posting times. When a post is scheduled by you, the next posting time will be filled by it. 2-Buffer has a browser extension with the help of which some great content available online can be scheduled. While scheduling from the web, you will see a Buffer composer that will appear in the middle of your browser. You can select the social media account where you want to share from that buffer composer. 3-From this extension, you can also share an image from an article, which is a much easier way of the article sharing. You need to hover over the image and you will find a button over the image. 4-Tweets can also be scheduled from Twitter. 5-You can also schedule your posts while on the go with Buffer’s app on Android or iOS. Hootsuite Hootsuite makes it easier to handle hundreds of accounts by a user or an agency. It is very easy to add accounts, to schedule the posts on all the platforms and to add account managers on every social media platform. Hootsuite offers a method of scheduling that is very simple and can be performed in just a few clicks. Here is how you can accomplish the process of scheduling. Pick the social channels where the stuff has to be posted. Also, choose the profile where you want to send your post via profile picker. 1-Enter the message you want to convey in the compose box. 2-In the bottom right of composing box, you will find the calendar icon. Click on that. 3-Set date and time in the calendar drop down. Double click for AM/PM. 4-Click the “Send Now” button. The message “Message scheduled” will appear. Besides, you also get auto schedule option in the drop-down menu of calendar icon. By default, auto schedule option is set to OFF. Turn it to ON if you want to set auto schedule. Moreover, the organization also provides a robust training platform to the social media marketers. It teaches a lot of things such as how to use the tools as well as how to make the strategies about the social media platforms on the whole. MeetEdgar MeetEdgar facilitates you to automatically re-share your evergreen content. This is why it has a huge impact on traffic. Re-sharing is the feature due to which a number of experts recommend MeetEdgar. Quality content automation is the other feature of MeetEdgar. Sometimes, it is also touted as an ultimate social media “hack”. It is perfect to bring more leads and it builds the search engine rankings organically. For scheduling of content, you need to follow these steps. 1-Click the “Add Timeslot” button to select the day of the week as well as the time when you want to Edger to post the update. 2-You can see the social media accounts of all the platforms in a list along with the icon. Select the accounts where you want to post your stuff. 3-Select the category of your post. You can select from the available categories or can add “New Category. TweekDeck TweetDeck is a very old social media tool and it is still popular. It is the best-priced tool and is one of the best methods to be a part of Twittersphere. It as the multi-columned layout that makes it easy for you to follow a number of conversations at once. TwitterDeck makes Twitter enjoyable and more workable. The method of scheduling the tweets is very simple. You can go through the following steps. 1-Sign-in to your TweetDeck account and click on the Tweet. 2-Select the Twitter account you would like to Tweet. 3-Compose your Tweet. You can also add an image or a video. 4-Click “Schedule Tweet” and select date and time. 5-Finally, click “Schedule Tweet” at [date/time]. In addition, TweetDeck also provides the option to create a collection on TweetDeck and adding and removing tweets from the collection. Social Oomph Social Oomph comprises a number of sophisticated features for automating a number of tasks in the social media platforms. The app can manage all types of activities in different social media platforms such as Plurk,, Facebook and LinkedIn. Interestingly, it can even handle your blog activity. There are several additional features of this tool. These features let a user enhance the lists of followers in Twitter through recommendations and analytical procedure. The direct messages are automated by a user, which are sent to the new followers. There is also a keyword search set up, which can also be accomplished to seek the high-influencing Twitter individuals. Social Oomph has automated Facebook features, which include update scheduling and image uploads. It has the LinkedIn capability that allows the users to share as per the schedules. There are a number of additional benefits of Social Oomph, which are: 1-Via these tools, the email can be delivered from the personal email account and easily converted to updates across every social media platform. 2-After a certain time period, the messages can be deleted from the inbox of a user. The schedule can be set for deleting unneeded or outdated Tweets as well as Facebook feeds. 3-Tweets can be uploaded in groups. 4-Profile filters are also available at Social Oomph. 5-New followers can be monitored. Summing Up These are some of the popular social media tools, which are perfect for marketing. They make your social media marketing process much easier. Moreover, they facilitate you the things that you do not get while using social media in a simple way. They save your time and provide you the way to market your stuff even when you are not working on it. Apart from the above mentioned, there are some other social media tools that you can use such as Hubspot, IFTTT, Sprout Social, Raven, Social Flow, Iconosquare, Sprinklr, and KnowEm. Hopefully, all these tools will prove to be helpful for giving an edge in the online community. Despite getting help from social media tools it is not feasible to do social media marketing on your own. So it is a good option to hire social media marketing services. This was originally posted on Some Social Media Tools for Giving Edge to Your Enterprise.


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