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Storing Your Meaningful Collections By Nicholas Jarder

  in Home Management | Published 2012-12-05 08:55:14 | 123 Reads | Unrated


It starts when we’re kids You pick up shiny rocks in the parking lot to add to your rock collection

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It starts when we’re kids. You pick up shiny rocks in the parking lot to add to your rock collection. You pick up all the bottle caps you can find at your brother’s little league game because having more bottle caps than you know what to do with just sounds so exciting. You collect Pokémon cards, glass bottles, cool sticks, and you’re not sure why exactly, but having that collection of “unique” things makes you feel like you own everything that is cool. Read more about how to store your meaningful collections below.

Not too much changes as we get older.
Sure, your collections become more sophisticated. You don’t pick up every funny rock you see anymore, but you do collect antique books. Or maybe picture frames, coins, or miniatures. Whatever it is, it’s something that brings you joy. But as you get older, your collection will grow, your circumstances will change, other priorities might take over your display areas.

What can a collector do with all those precious things they can’t find a place for anymore?

Here are several tips for displaying and storing your precious collectables:

Depending on the size of your collection, you might effectively display everything in your home while not kicking something else off its display shelf or table. Try installing some extra shelves. If you don’t already have a bookshelf in your living room, perhaps you could use one to display a part of your collection. Some display cabinets have shelving on top and a closable cabinet on the bottom so you can show off some while safely storing others.

In an extra bedroom or office, shelves along the top of the wall won’t take up any space you’re already using and can hold a whole lot of your collectables. Just keep them dusted (especially ones near air vents) and they’ll stay looking nice while out of your way.

If you’ve used up all the display space you have and still have a box or two of your collectables, then perhaps it’s time to look to self-storage. Putting your collectables in the garage or attic is just asking for heat, dust and bugs to get to them. A climate-controlled storage unit will provide an extra closet to put your things away in, while keeping them just as safe.

If your collectables are breakable, wrap them well. You don’t want to bang them against each other while you’re moving them. Also, don’t stack the boxes too high, you’ll put a lot of undue pressure on the bottom box and potentially harm your collectables there.

If you collectables are paper or vinyl based (such as comic books, cards, or doll clothing) make sure your wrap or sleeves are acid-free. This will prevent the chemicals from the plastic from tainting the color and quality of your collectables.

The things you collect are important to you. Make sure you don’t shove them away in a dark garage somewhere. Take care of them, and they will last your lifetime and beyond.

Are you looking for more information on storing your precious collectables? Visit for your self-storage needs.

Are you looking for more information on storing your precious collectables? Visit for your self-storage needs.


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