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Technology – The Necessary Piece in the Hospitality Industry By Hospitality Upgrade

  in Business Management | Published 2019-10-17 04:18:33 | 77 Reads | Unrated


There is a noticeable change in the hospitality industry today compared to the past. And as days come and go, the industry is increasingly embracing technology.

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While we argue that technology in the hospitality industry has replaced humans in undertaking different activities, it is quite evident that the technology comes with a lot of benefits. In fact, according to hospitality related headlines, if your business is not digitalized these days, you have a lot to lose.


That said, if you are an entrepreneur or you are aspiring to be one someday, then there is need for you to get as much information about technology and the impact it hason the ind

ustry. This post highlights the different benefits of having automated systems to manage the operations in the hospitality industry. So, entrepreneur or not, this post is indeed a good read for you:


  • Transaction are done digitally – Imagine the stress that you faced long before the industry went digital. Manually inputting all transactions, manually doing the stock count and manual accounting would take too much time and energy. With a system like the POS software, the work is immensely reduced and so are the chances of there being errors in transactions.
  • Client/customer relations are better - As a client the first thing you do before booking a hotel is probably to find out everything that you can about the hotel. And the best way to do this is through online reviews, right? As an hotelier on the other hand, you would want clients to get a good impression of your business.
  • As per Hotel Industry News, both scenarios call for a software that will give the hotelier customer expectations, opinions as well as tips on how to improve the customer relations. The software should also be able to give the customers good reviews and a remarkable reputation. 
  • There is reduced energy bills – Did you know that there is a software that can be used as an energy saving solution? Yes, believe it or not, the market provides energy management systems; systems that are being used by thousands of hotels to reduce their energy bills.
  • How, you may wonder? Well, an example of this amazing technology system is the motion sensors that most hotels have started using. The sensors that are designed to detect when a guest exits a room.When this happens, the system automatically shuts down the lights, the air conditioning, the television and sound system and anything else that should not be on. This will automatically reduce the hotel’s energy costs.


To conclude, it is quite evident that the hospitality industry must accept the fact that the world is evolving and technology is becoming a necessity in the hospitality industry. As someone who has interest in the industry, you have to evolve as the world itself evolves. Embrace technology!


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