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The Great Indian Writer R. K. Narayan By Raja Kor

  in Writing | Published 2020-02-23 09:06:25 | 7 Reads | Unrated


Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan was born in Madras(at present chennai)on 10th October, 1906.His parents belonged to Rasipuram, a village in the district of salem in South India.

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Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan was born in Madras(at present chennai)on 10th October, 1906.His parents belonged to Rasipuram, a village in the district of salem in South India.The family shifted to mysore after his father, Krishnaswami lyer, got the job of a shool teacher.R. K. Narayan, however, remained in Chennai with his grandmother.Later, he shifted to Mysore where he spent the greater part of his life.He was a mediocre student.He graduated from Maharaja College, Mysore in 1930 after several attempts, when he was twenty-four years old.His father was a poor school teacher and had a large

family.Therefore, Narayan had to contribute to the family income soon after his graduation.He joined the Mysore secretariat as a clerk.Later he became a teacher in a village school.Neither of the jobs was to his liking.

He gave up his job as a teacher and decided to devote all his time to writing.His ambition was to be a good writer.In 1935 he met Rajam, the beautiful daughter of Nageshwara lyer and fell in love with her.He went to the girl’s father and proposed marriage.The marriage took place although at first the girl’s father objected as the horoscopes did not tally.And true to Mr. lyer’s fear, Rajam died of typhoid in 1939.She left behind her young daughter Hema.The death of his wife came as a terrible shock to Narayan and he did not write any novel for six years after this terrible loss.Soon after marriage Narayan had published three of his novels Swami and Friends(1935), The Bachelor of Arts(1937) and The Dark Room(1938) in close succession.These novels brought him money as well as fame.During the six years after his wife’s death he edited a journal The Indian Thought, and published three volumes of short stories Malgudi Days(1941), Dodu and Other Stories(1943) and Cyclone and Other Stories(1944).His next novel every two years.His novel The Guide(1958), received the Sahitya Academy Award for the year 1960.He was awarded the Padma Bhusan in 1964.Many bangla boi and bangla cinema have been created by her story.The University of Leeds conferred on him the Honorary D. Litt. in 1967 and Delhi University followed suit in 1973.He visited the U. S. A. in 1956 on an invitation from the Rockfeller Foundation.Many of his stories and sketches have been broadcast by the B. B. C. His works have been published both in England and U. S. A. he passed away at the age of 94 on 13th May 2001 in Chennai.

R. K. Narayan is regarded as one of the most distinguished novelists writing in English in the commonwealth.His work is an original blend of Western method and Eastern material.He presents brief sketches of life impartially and dispassionately.This accounts for the universal appeal of his novels.He is interested in normal human relationships.He believes that life must be accepted and lived despite its many shortcomings, follies and foibles.

Narayan has created an imaginary world, Malgudi, as Hardy had created Wessex.It is against the background of this imaginary place that Narayan studies life’s little ironies.His novels are tragicomedies.In his novels the gay and the serious, the tragic and the comic often lie close together, so that we smile through our tears.He deals with some typical problems associated with different professions such as teaching, journalism, money lending and trade in Malgudi and in the rest of India.He writes of middle class life.His characters are shown to be affected by the sudden turn of events, and are invariably reformed.His women are either typical Hindu housewives, suffering and drudging through life or fickle, yet charming, women who are ultimately reformed.Narayan’s works are marked by humour and gentle satire.


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