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The Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners By Nicholas Jarder

  in Wellness, Fitness and Diet | Published 2012-11-29 02:02:58 | 110 Reads | Unrated


Products that are labeled zero calories are not that promising It's true

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Products that are labeled zero calories are not that promising. It's true. There are no calories in them but to make them taste as good as they are, substitutes are added. Artificial sweeteners that come with side effects are included in the ingredients. They have to be, to redeem the flavor. Otherwise, the products will end up too awful to be a delight.

You'd think you're in the right track with artificial sweeteners. With no calories, you can say goodbye to some extra pounds in your system. You feel as if you're doing alright. Well, you're not. Truth be told, if y
ou intend on losing weight through these empty calories, you are kidding yourself. Not only do they not have any dieting advantage, they, also, puncture your body with other effects.

Think about it. Products with zero calories such as diet soda, artificial sugar packs, and coffee sweeteners are straightforward with consumers. They never say anything about losing weight. All they imply is that there is no sugar content in them. With that said, it's your job to put two and two together to make sense out of matters. Some things are just too good to be true and they always come with a catch.

One fact you may not be informed of about artificial sweeteners is that they contain chlorine. It's something that is commonly found in bleaches and pesticides. The stuff is used to kill germs and insects. Instead of just believing these zero calorie claims, make it a point to begin questioning them because it's only right for you to wonder why a household product is included in your diet.

Other side effects of artificial sweeteners include an increase in appetite, insulin spikes, cancer risks, kidney and liver problems, development issues in children, and headaches. Plus, they are known to trigger other health concerns, too, which are the last things you need. When it comes to losing weight, you can't rely on these sweeteners.

Sugar causes you to be fat but you need a dose of it, too. There are nutritional benefits that come with the sweet. It's not only there to make people obese but, also, to provide much-needed energy to the body. Without it, a person can't have strength the entire day.

If you want an alternative that won't make it hard on you, try healthy sweets such as organic maple syrup, raw honey, and Sorghum syrup. These delightful treats are made with natural ingredients and contain zero calories. Not only that, they come with antioxidants that are needed for detoxification. Thus, they are good for the body.

Life is all about balance and you can't be too hard on yourself by staying away from sugary sweets. What's there to be look forward to if you're deprived from satisfying your sweet tooth? You need to be relieved, too. You can have sugar with the alternative choices available. All you have to do is just pick the right ones that won't threaten your health and safety.

Are you looking for more information regarding artificial sweetener side effects? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding artificial sweetener side effects? Visit today!


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