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Things to Look for While Shopping for Best Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas By Dean Martin

  in Business | Published 2019-04-04 01:51:18 | 70 Reads | Unrated


Colic has become a mystery. There is no clear explanation of what exactly causes it. Some theories have explained that gas is behind colic and cause abdominal discomfort which leads to colic. Many experts agree with it. That’s why they advise parents to use anti-colic baby bottles to prevent


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So you are out shopping for the best baby bottles to prevent gas. But don’t know where to get started. Don’t worry. In this post, we will look at things to look for while shopping for the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Nipple flow

Some babies are more prone to colic than others. Baby bottles with the slow flow are best for the gassy and colicky babies. It slows down the intake of formula and prevents the baby’s tummy from getting gassy and uncomfortable. But make sure your baby doesn’t have to try too hard to suck milk from the b

ottle because they can be consuming air instead. Nipple comes in a variety of flow speeds. Nipples are marked with flow, size and a suggested age range. Preemies and newborns prefer the slow flow of liquids. As they grow older, they start preferring faster flow. However, it is not necessary that your baby follows the size and flow guidelines exactly. You have to try different sizes to find the perfect balance.

Venting mechanism

When you are looking for the best baby bottles to prevent gas, venting system of bottles become very important. Vents remove excessive air. Some bottles have a venting system built into the nipple while some have vents at the bottom. Some bottles also use straw-like components that fit into your bottle to prevent your baby from ingesting gas-causing air bubbles. Bottles with bottom air vents are more effective and specially-designed to allow the milk to pass through the nipple smoother, separating air from the milk so that baby won’t swallow it.

Nipple shape and material

The shape of the nipple plays a very important role. There are two basic shapes of nipples: narrow and wide-based. Flat-topped nipples and wide nipples feel more like Mom's breast. However, some baby prefers narrow nipples. In order to figure out which shape of nipple works best for your baby, you may have to try all types in the beginning. And when it comes to nipple material, nipples come in either latex or silicone varieties. Silicone nipple is firmer, lasts longer and holds its shape for a long time.

Bottle material and shape

Most commonly used material for making baby bottles are plastic, steel, glass, and silicon. Plastic bottles are the most commonly used. Plastic bottles are lightweight, easy to carry, inexpensive and shatterproof. But some parents are concerned about the safety of plastic bottles even if it is BPA free, PVC free and phthalates free plastic bottles which are as safe as glass, steel or silicone bottles. Look for the baby bottle with ergonomic design or angled neck which is comfortable and easy to hold for your baby.

So these are the four things you need to look for while shopping for the best baby bottles to prevent gas.


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