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Tips for Creating Perfect Real Estate Facebook Ads By Amit Dua

  in Real Estate | Published 2018-12-26 11:06:58 | 62 Reads | Unrated


The trend of real estate Facebook ads can be widely witnessed in the present scenario. Facebook provides plenty of ways to social media marketers for business promotion.

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The trend of real estate Facebook ads can be widely witnessed in the present scenario. Facebook provides plenty of ways to social media marketers for business promotion. Sharing different kinds of posts is, of course, the way that is tried most by every social media marketer. But, sometimes it may take a lot of months or sometimes to make followers. For this, Facebook facilitates you to purchase the ads for the business. For the real state agencies also, the advertisements have been proven to be boon.

First of all, let’s understand 

iness/learn/facebook-ads-basics" target="_blank">how these ads work.

1. Ads are displayed in two ways. First, they are displayed in the news feed of a number of users on desktop or mobile. On the other hand, they appear in the right column of Facebook on the desktop.

2. The question to be considered is on whose newsfeed the ads are displayed. The answer is very simple. The audiences who are interested in the product or service of your firm. Facebook analyzes it by page likes of the users as well as their interests. For example, in case of real estate, the ads will be displayed in the news feeds of the users who have shown their interest in this subject by liking the similar pages or adding the interests about real estates in their profiles.

3. So, there is no doubt that the ads reach the right audiences who may turn to your customers any time. This is why the Facebook ads are considered as “value to money”.

4. But, you need to make sure about the quality of your page and post to get the customers via the ads.

These are a few aspects of Facebook ads that are applicable in every niche. But, there may be some tactics that may be specific for the particular industry. In the real estate Facebook ads, the work is required to be done according to demands of audiences who are interesting in selling or purchasing properties. There are some special tactics you are required to use for real estate Facebook ads. You can know about some of these tactics in the following points.

Facebook Real Estate Ads Tactics

I. Try Lead Ads

The Lead Ads are a unique feature of the Facebook ad. This is the way to capture the lead of buyer or seller within Facebook. A significant aspect is that you don’t need to send the clients outside of Facebook. These ads are considered useful specifically for the growing seller leads.

There are some significant advantages of the lead ads.

1. The lead ads make it easier for the customers to submit their information on Facebook. You may provide the pre-filled form, which is of great help to them.

2. As you are generating the leads on Facebook, you may work without landing pages.

3. Facebook also renders the facility to download the lead out of Facebook. The leads can be sent directly to the Google sheet.

4. The leads can be set up in a way that the buyers and sellers are included directly to your CRM or the marketing automation software.

When the ad is clicked, a form appears in front of users to fill the information you need from them. You get the choice to create a number of fields to get more information from the prospects.

II. Use Relevant Category

Facebook has the rich behavioral data of users, so it knows which category actually works. It provides a category named “Buying a House”. You get a detailed targeting option, where you find a line “Include People Who Match At Least One of the Following”. Below, you get Interests>Additional Interests field. There, you can select the category “Buying a House” as well as other relevant categories.

It also helps your advertisements to reach the target audiences. When it matches with the interests of the audiences’ interests, they can view your ad and can contact you whenever they require the property.

III. Check People Approaching Real Estate Websites

People who approach real estate websites are the actual potential clients or customers. They are the individuals who are actually searching for the property. You can collect the data from these websites and can target on the basis of different criteria such as their demographic locations, their interests, and their behaviors.

Some of the popular websites are Zillow, Trulia, and People visiting these websites may have the prequalified leads.

IV. Testimony Ads

With the growth of your business, you get some clients who have good experiences with you. Always keep these clients in your records and create the testimony ads. The testimonies of other clients really assist a lot your potential clients to take the right decisions. Remember that the words of other clients are considered more authentic by your prospects as compared to your words.

V. Video Advertisements

The videos are the best ways today to present what you want to say. They provide an effective way to allure people towards your services. The videos can be prepared in different ways.

1. Documentaries: Adding documentaries can be the best ideas for the real estate Facebook ads. Tell people about the availability of real estate as well as your agencies through documentaries.

2. Presentations: Presentations are also excellent sources to tell people about various aspects of your services. Videos are the best sources for the presentations.

3. Lectures: You can also suggest many things to individuals with the help of video lectures.

Perfect Example of Real Estate Facebook Ads

The aspects as mentioned above are not just the assumed ways for real estate Facebook ads. There are some real examples that have gained popularity in the market. Help can be taken from these examples also while making the strategies. Here are some of the cases:

1. NestAway tells people what they are paying for.

2. One Smart Penny shows its floor plans to the viewers.

3. Linsey gives a live video tour. It is the perfect example of video advertisements.

4. Quinto Andar – Retarget people with previous interest.

5. is the perfect example of creative content.

6. IGROW Wealth Is Popular for hosting an educational event.

7. Vakil Housing works on the personal pain points of the target audiences.

To Sum Up

The real estate Facebook ads have undoubtedly given a lot of benefit to the real estate market. These advertisements help both sellers and buyers and provide the ideal platform to do the real estate marketing. Moreover, they also provide a chance to buy properties outside your city or state.

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