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Top Ceiling Fans Company in India with Ceiling Fan Buying Guide By Samir Nikam

  in Business | Published 2019-06-11 01:52:48 | 12 Reads | Unrated


If you are confused about choosing the best ceiling fans in India, then the Fan Studio India is the right choice for you.

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The ceiling fan has been used since 1887, thanks to the inventor  Philip Dielh. In today's generation, one cannot live without fan especially during the summer season. There has been a lot of variations in design, color, material and brand in the past few years. If you are confused about choosing the best ceiling fans in India, then the Fan Studio India is the right choice for you.
They produce one of the best designer fans in India, which are custom made to satisfy the home needs,  and is cost-effective. In today's fast generation, we assure you to provide the best

service and we have lots of varieties like decorative ceiling fans, wooden ceiling fans, luxury ceiling fans,  modern ceiling fans with lights, etc.
Another important thing which people miss out while buying ceiling fan is the amount of electricity that the fan consumes, type of blade, etc. In this article, we will see why our brand is one of the best ceiling fans in India.

Top Ceiling Fans Company in India with Ceiling Fan Buying Guide
Top Ceiling Fan in India
1) The FAN Studio: ALTIS 48” Sweep ceiling fan with 4 blades
It is one of the best ceiling fans in India designed by the company The Fan Studio. This fan is customized with 4 blades, unlike the regular 3 blade fan. This brand is chosen by most of the people as it gives good air flow. Altis brand is available in the following colors Matt Charcoal Grey, Matt Black, Matt Smoke Brown, Aluminum Silver, Antique Bronze, Brushed Aluminum etc. It has excellent rust protection and a dust protection layer which makes it appear good and is a long-lasting fan.
This fan is also customized into the wooden blade and Aluminum finishes, they are hand polished natural teak, Matt White Aluminum Blade, Matt Smoke Brown Aluminum Blade, Antique bronze Aluminum Blade,  Aluminum Silver Aluminum Blade, hand polished rosewood, etc. Its voltage is 220 V and has a power consumption of 440 W. It has a rotational speed of 270 RPM for 48-inch sweep. ( The RPM changes as per the sweep size).
Highlighted features
    • Noise-free motor
    • Four blades with focused airflow
    •  Warranty
2) The FAN STUDIO: Moon Face Wooden 48” sweep ceiling fan with three blades
The Moon Face Wooden ceiling fans is the second best ceiling fans in India. This fan has a glamorous appearance that can beautify your living room. The wooden blades are available in hand polished rosewood, hand polished Natural Teak, Hand polished Wall-Nut, etc. The blades are designed in such a way to give good airflow. The company assures that the material used for making the fan is rust protected. Its voltage is around 220 V and has a power supply of 85 Watts. Its rotational speed is around 270 to 280 RPM. Another important thing is its noise-free revolution and this is because of the exclusive ball bearings which make the fan rotate in a smoother way.
The blades are rectangular in shape and are light brown in color, the mounting device, the housing and motor, the hub is chocolate brown in color. Apart from that, there are other colors available like Matt White, Matt Black, Matt Pewter, Matt Smoke Brown, Matt Charcoal Grey, Antique Bronze, and Aluminum Silver. These luxury ceiling fans are quite affordable and people who are looking for performance and looks can go for it.
Highlighted features
    • Noise-free
    • Three smooth-running blades
    • Glamorous in appearance
3) The FAN STUDIO: AVIATOR KIDS 50” sweep ceiling fan with two blades
Aviator Kids is one of the customized modern ceiling fans with lights produced by The Fan Studio. This is also equally glamorous when compared to other fans. It has received a huge response especially for its customized designer lights on the fan. It has two blades with a combination of solid specifications that offers maximum comfort. These are the available finishes of Aviator Kids:  Aluminum Silver, Matt Pewter, Matt Black, Matt White, Matt Smoke Brown, Matt Charcoal Grey, and the blades can be customized as per the buyer's choice. Aviator Kids decorative ceiling fans are favorite among the children. Its voltage is around 220 V and has a power consumption of  85 Watt. Its rotational speed is around 270- 280 RPM.
Highlighted features
    • 50 inches blade size
    • 270RPM speed motor

Best Ceiling Fan Buying Guide
If you want to buy a ceiling fan for your home then you need to keep in mind the following points:
1. Fan Blade Number and Size
It is important to check the Fan Blade Number and Size to choose the best ceiling fans in India. If you choose the best designer fans in India then you will get the best airflow. It's not only about the air but also depending on the aesthetic and personal preference that you can fit in your home' structure and design. As per physics, if the number of blades increases it makes less noise and generates less air circulation.  To get average air circulation and tolerable ceiling fan noise, it is good to have 3 to 5 blades. If your room is 400 sq ft room, then you can use a 52-inch fan, a 44-inch fan for up to 225 square feet and a 42-inch fan for up to 144 square feet.
2. Ceiling Fan Controls and Accessories
There are few ceiling fan models which has angle ceiling adapter for ceiling locations which are uneven. If you want to lower the height of the fan to your desired height then you can use down rods that are useful for anyone. There are few ceiling fans which consist of a light kit connected, such fans are called as modern ceiling fans with lights. This would be one of the best ceiling fans in India if you don't want to install light separately.
3. Location of the Fan
The place for the fan to be fitted can both indoor and outdoor. It is important to consider the ceiling surface where you want it to be mounted. There are few ceiling fan models that can be fixed on a sloped surface. If your ceiling height is less than 8 feet long when you use a small ceiling fan.
4. Installation
After buying the best ceiling fans in India, call up your electrician to install the ceiling fan. If you have good knowledge and experience then you can do it on your own but then get the help of a user manual to go with the flow chart of installation and avoid mishaps.


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