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What are the Best Twitter Hashtag Campaigns By tayyabsaqlain ali

  in Marketing | Published 2019-06-25 10:45:43 | 304 Reads | Unrated


Hashtags are the most effective tools in Instagram and Twitter as well. They have brought about a revolution in the social media marketing campaign on the smooth platform of social media.

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No doubt, people are familiar with the name of hashtags, and their use is enhancing the business campaign on Twitter. People are only familiar with hashtags, but they do not know how to use hashtags for their tweets and how many types of hashtags are there.

Although the term hashtag has now celebrated its 10th anniversary and is formally defined in the Oxford dictionary, many people find it hard to run dedicated hashtag campaigns.

Remember, appropriate hashtag campaigns will empower your account with a lot of traffic on your account.

Here is a list of the best h

ashtags to help you to get more Twitter followers.

Do you know why brands run hashtag campaigns on social media?

Hashtags help users, whether they are representing a small business or a multinational brand. A hashtag campaign can offer multiple plans. Hashtag campaigns can:

  • Create brand recognition
  • Increase the clarity of your content
  • Make it accessible to trace and quantify your content
  • Expand your followers and retweets
  • Get your audience connected
  • Promote events efficiently
  • Help in operating a contest or starting a product
  • Twitter Ads info and privacy

How to Choose a Hashtag

Let’s get to know how to use hashtags:

  • Your hashtag should be unique. It should not look like a rip-off of your competitor’s campaign.
  • It should be accurate and easy to understand
  • Don’t blend more than 3-4 words mutually
  • Try to write it in Title case to make it easy to understand
  • Don’t make your hashtags solely about your brand
  • Don’t come up with a hashtag that your audience would resist using
  • Don’t sound demeaning, obscene, or self-promotional
  • Use trending subjects, but don’t completely rely on them
  • Most importantly, always examine your hashtags a few time and ask someone else to review them as well.

Because who could overlook the hashtag fail of #susanalbumparty? A whole lot of difficulty could be saved by only capitalizing the hashtag as #SusanAlbumParty:

Be Careful in Making mistakes While Running a Hashtag Campaign

If you do not have proper knowledge of using hashtags, learn to use before applying anywhere. Before taking any step, you need to read the instructions and tips mentioned below.

  • While cross-platform linking is promoted, you should always think of every platform separately. A hashtag campaign functioning well on Twitter might not have the same influence on Instagram.
  • Lack of preparation before running your campaign might get you into a strain.
  • Have a walkthrough of your complete campaign ready before its launch.
  • Don’t only rely on paid and promotional content. Focus more on getting an organic reach. 
  • Don’t make your hashtags remarkably lengthy or overly intricate.
  • Always double-check your content before posting.
  • Try to engage with your audience. Your brand should be more communicative on social media.
  • Think of the resources you have and who your target audience is, before running a campaign. Don’t promise something you can’t deliver.
  • Pick influencers wisely. Their domain and expertise are more important than the number of followers they have.


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These are the practical tips for the best Twitter hashtags campaign. The use of appropriate hashtags helps you to get Twitter followers.


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