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Why women do prefer the natural deodorant By Carlton Mansour

  in Business | Published 2013-11-19 00:51:40 | 135 Reads | Unrated


women are the owner of freshness and romance of their nature and they want to alive this thing. So, they want to use natural perfumes, which may create the romantic ambience as well as it has to be less dangerous for the skin.

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Most of the time we have seen that, women prefer or want to wear the deodorant. They love the fragrance of deodorant or perfumes. Due to their personality, women have the soft and creative nature. Thus, they love to see natural things and they prefer to use the natural things.

We have noticed the same fondness at the time of choosing perfumes or deodorant. Research says that, actually their body produces some pheromones at the time of using deodorant and they love to keep them as refresh or natural. From the research study, you may see approximate 80% of all women want to go shopping for the deodorant. One more thing is, the natural fragrance makes them more feminine. Apart from this, women always want to attract the men and they think that by the fragrance a man can easily attract, so, it is also a reason that women want to see or love to see them as an attractive in front of her boyfriend.

A woman has more romantic nature rather than her boyfriend. We know, there is a correlation between the sexual life and the sweet fragrance. From the researcher’s  view, you can get that, the sweet fragrance has more impact at the time of intimacy with your partner as well as at the intimate time our body glands or organs may more refresh if we would have taken a breath of the fragrance. You may see, most of the women think that they are sexier, when they would use the natural deodorant.

The fragrance can create the sweet atmosphere or it can create the romantic ambiance, which has affected our mind also. When we are in depressing condition, in that if we may take a long breath of any sweet aroma, it is 100% sure, our mind would refresh.

Due to the pollution or due to our sweat, some of the time body odor may come. Body odor! This is the most dislike stuff of any women. They do not fancy with body odor. They love to use the deodorant, which is made up off with the natural elements and they want to keep them fresh and live. They assume a good fragrance or aroma can create the calm and peaceful environment as well as it has affected our mind.

We know a woman has a common tendency to get attracted by any sweet smell, therefore, they always happy to give their boyfriend a bottle of perfumes, which is obviously made for him and they think that is best deodorant for men.

But some of the time, due to the chemical elements of any deodorant like aluminum, propane, ethane, pentane etc. Those are harmful our skin and due to these harmful elements some of the time we may face problem with the skin allergy and rashes. Even though, now the team of medical researcher says that, the skin cancer can happen due to theses harmful chemicals.

That’s why, we especially women always prefer to find, which best deodorant for women is? Because, they love to use the natural scent. The women prefer to use that natural aroma, which may come from flower, leaf and from the other natural things, as well as which are not harmful for the skin. But the bottle of deodorant keeps them fresh; also it can create the romantic ambience and after using a woman can be more attractive.


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