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Zaken Corp.: A Legit Way to Earn Income? By Nicholas Jarder

  in Business | Published 2012-08-12 04:39:43 | 73 Reads | Unrated


There are many income earning opportunists available for those looking for them The problem is that some of them tend to be unreliable in the sense that not everything they advertise turn out to be true

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There are many income earning opportunists available for those looking for them. The problem is that some of them tend to be unreliable in the sense that not everything they advertise turn out to be true. Some of these businesses tend to exaggerate their earning capacity and lead you to think you can profit more than you should, while some of them are disappointingly misleading and would just want to make a profit off of you. Then there are those companies like the Zaken Corp.

The Zaken Corp. is a liquidation merchandise company that specializes in finding liquidated merchandise
such as consumer goods from companies, and selling them by the bulk to interested parties. They have been around for 15 years, and with that proven track record, the Zaken Corp has fully entrenched itself as the country’s premiere name in merchandise liquidation industry.

What Zaken Corp. does is it looks for companies who are looking to dispose of their excess inventory. Some of these companies are closing out and need to liquidate all their assets by way of disposing of all their products. A great many of these companies, however, need to dispose of their excess stocks and are willing to sell their excess merchandise in order to save inventory space or perhaps have had their products outgrown by their target markets. All of these merchandises are being sold at an amazingly low price by their companies, and are being sold in massive quantities that reselling them even at a discounted rate nets a huge amount of profit.

And this is where you come in at Zaken Corp. While the company is very much capable of reselling the goods to the proper target market, it may not have enough manpower to look for companies that are in the process of liquidating their excess merchandise. This is the income earning opportunity that might attract a lot of people, because it encourages them to become a part of the company as a Product Locator.

What a Product Locator does is they look for companies that are disposing of their excess inventories which includes those that are in the process of being liquidated, and companies that have simply no need of their current products and are willing to let go of their product line for a very low, bulk price. The product locator finds these companies, explains to them their (the locator’s) role in, tries to persuade them to do business and requests 2 to 4 samples of their products to be sent to for evaluation, and that’s that. As soon as Zaken Corp. approves the products, they take over the transaction, buys the merchandise, and you get fifty percent of the profits.

It may sound overly simplistic, but there really are a lot of companies that have excess stocks that needs to be disposed of quick, and a market demand for these liquidated merchandise. Zaken Corp. is perhaps one of the fastest ways to earn a huge amount of money without it ending up into a scam story. All it takes for product locators are solid contacts, a clever nose for finding the companies that are willing to let go of their stock, and you’re all good to go.


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