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content writing course training By pranjal kumar

  in Writing | Published 2020-02-11 02:15:15 | 17 Reads | Unrated


How do I compare various content writing courses in India? We are living in a digital era. Across the world, people are getting more and more dependent on the internet. Businesses are going digital. Competition is high. They need something to help them to stand out. This is where content comes in.

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How do I compare various content writing courses in India?

 We are living in a digital era. Across the world, people are getting more and more dependent on the internet. Businesses are going digital. Competition is high. They need something to help them to stand out. This is where content comes in.

Content writing is just playing with words. If you can write a whole lot of content and put it across words. And if this content is reader-friendly, engaging and informative then you are on your way to being a content writer. Cont

ent in a broad way means usage of words to convey things to others.

Writing courses help you to develop your writing skills. You can also take a course to learn a different style of writing. Lots of short term courses are available in a variety of venues and a different format.

When choosing a content writing course following facts play an important role. These facts will help you to compare courses.

1. Course Content – While comparing a course a major factor should be the way the course is designed. Scope for learning different forms of writing. What major writing skills the course focuses on.

2. Trainer Background – The credential of the trainer is also an important aspect.

3. Scope for internship – A good content writing course should have ample scope for an internship with a proper feedback mechanism. An internship is like preparing for the final stage performance.

4. Duration of the course – A course duration matters a lot. In the busy hectic schedule courses with shorter duration is what everyone prefers.

5. Method of teaching – Teaching techniques plays a very important role. The kind of methods used has a great impact. A course can be the only classroom-based or it can have both online & classroom options. According to your needs, you can decide.

6. Fees structure – Money plays an important role in deciding a course. A best content writing course should be one that is pocket-friendly with a good course structure.

7. Placement Opportunity – Placement opportunity can be a deciding factor in choosing a content writing course. A course with placement opportunities will be an ideal one.

 One course which I am aware of is ECT. It's in Delhi. It’s recognized by the government of India. The course content is well designed with good internship exposure. Classes can be taken both online or in a classroom set up. You can get regular feedback and good writing assistance. They have a team of good trainers, with good exposure to content writing.

While choosing a content writer you must identify what you hope to gain from a writing course. Then you can choose course content and venue for your best purpose.


Student: Swati Ranjan

              How do I compare various content writing courses in India?


Today you can see various types of content writing courses in India. It is very difficult to choose between them. By seeing various types of content writing courses, you find many options, in which you can see how different courses give you different offers, facilities, and quality.


It is very important to choose content writing courses according to your requirements. 

 For example, you want an online course or offline course, a weekly class or weekend class, etc. If there is a money return policy, if they are giving tool access as paid or premium, institute’s brand, ex-students achievements, tutor’s profile, support in placement, and there are many more requirements which is very important to check before joining any courses.


  1. Check according to your availability Online or Offline-


You can find both types of courses online and offline courses. If you want to attend directly in the classroom you can join offline and if the institute is far and you can attend offline and don’t have that much time you can attend online.


2. Check according to weekdays or weekend classes-


There are many courses which provide only weekly classes or those which provides only weekend classes. You can join according to your comfort.


3. Check according to offers according to your requirements-


Every institute gives you different special offers. For example, placement guarantee, how many types of content they are teaching? Are they giving recording classes?, duration of time in which they are completing the courses, tools they are providing, LMS access, etc. Every institute has different criteria, you can see the institutes which fulfil your requirements, and you can join according to your requirements.


4.100 Percent Money back guarantee-


It is a very important way to compare the good content writing courses if they are giving 100 per cent money back if you are not satisfied. You can join peacefully if the company have a 100 per cent money back policy.


5. Check the brand of Institute-


The brand is also a very important factor for you to decide whether you should join or not. Because they have experience and they know what student needs. Most important thing is that you can trust them. You can know about the brand by reviews on digital media, google, and ex-students.


6. Check Profile of Teacher-


Most important thing is to check the profile of the teacher who will teach you. If they are not qualified enough then it is a waste of time. You can check their profile by their digital media platform. By reading their contents and achievements. Experienced and qualified teachers can only teach you better.   


7. Check the website URL of Ex-student-


You can ask the ex-students website URL for your satisfaction. From this, you will get to know that what they have achieved during their course. From this, it will be very beneficial to you to decide whether you should join or not.


8. Join the institute which gives class recording-


Today 90 per cent of institutes give recording of every class which is very beneficial for the future. If you have class recordings you will always be able to revise the lectures given in class. 


There are limitless criteria according to which you can decide your content writing course which fulfils your requirements. Important thing is to choose according to your requirements. Therefore it is very important to compare all types of courses before joining. It is you who knows what are your requirements and you can only decide what is important for you.



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