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content writing course training By pranjal kumar

  in Writing | Published 2020-02-11 02:32:00 | 15 Reads | Unrated


5 Key Elements that are used by the Content writing agency For Successful Website Everyone has a website today. Be it an individual, a brand or an organization. It is the newspaper and magazine of today. A place for people to acquire information, news updates, and entertainment. There are close t

o 1.5 billion websites registered on the World Wide Web today.

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5 Key Elements that are used by the Content writing agency For Successful Website


Everyone has a website today. Be it an individual, a brand or an organization. It is the newspaper and magazine of today. A place for people to acquire information, news updates, and entertainment. There are close to 1.5 billion websites registered on the World Wide Web today. 


All websites have a distinctive URL, content, and graphics. With such a huge number of URLs today, it becomes easier for a website to be swept under a rug. Then,

what is it that makes a website stand above the crowd? If we observe, there are some common, but useful tips used by the content writers that make them popular today. The content writing agency uses that to attain the same.


So you want to build a successful blog, but don't have a map to figure it out? Or you already have built your website, but are running short of views? Don't worry, the content writing agency is here to guide you through. 


Listed below are the 5 key elements used by successful websites. 


1- It's always about the content: A little too obvious, isn't it? Nonetheless, an important one. Before writing any content, the content writing agency has to figure out the topic. What's the main theme that you want to focus on? If it's a company, then what is the company based on? Figuring out the theme is like figuring what kind of dish you want to make so that you can list out its ingredients. 


The content writing agency makes sure that the content is of apt length. It shouldn't be long so as to make the visitors go away before they even read the full content. Nor too short where they don't even get what they are looking for. Stick to the topic. Be fun, creative and informative at the same time, unless it is a serious topic. Make it as engaging as possible


The main motive of content writing agency is to flesh out unique content. People are smart literates. They don't want to read something that is already being repeated by thousands of other websites. The end goal is for the visitor to be benefitted from the information that the content will provide. It builds up their trust and makes them want to visit that website again, or even recommend it to others. So make sure to take care of the content. It's the soul of your website. 


2- Play the SEO right- So you've aced in the content department but are still falling short on visitors? It's useless if people can't reach out, no matter how excellent the content is. SEO is that bridge that connects a visitor to your website, and if built it right, can turn your website into a famous visiting spot. And that's one of the primary focuses of content writing agency.


SEO is built on keywords. The content writing agency finds appropriate keywords that match the topic. Then shortlists the ones commonly used by the customers and add them. An extra tip- Add some distinctive keywords that allow your website to separate from others. This would make your website easier to find. 


Remember to mention keywords on each page of your site. Let those keywords flow naturally into the content. If you're having a hard time figuring out catchy keywords, you can use websites like keyword planner to help you out. 


3- Make it Eye-catching: They say not to judge a book by its cover but let's be real—it is the cover that grabs our attention. Not necessarily the last impression but certainly the first. 


The content writing agency gets the design right by adding the right amount of images and videos based on the content. Strike a perfect balance between images, graphics and text. Adding little to no images would make your website boring and confusing while adding too many will be distracting. Make sure to balance images, videos, and text in a way that doesn't clutter your website. 


Make sure that the images are of high quality. Try not to add too many videos and if you add some, keep it short. Stylize the fonts while making sure that they are readable and easy to the eyes. The topic and the sub-topic should be distinctive from the rest. Make use of that big white space. 


4- A clear Call- to- action: If you want to show something to someone—be it an art piece, a skit or a product, it is necessary to acknowledge the person seeing it. We've seen celebrities showing gratitude to fans in different ways. In the case of websites too, it is necessary to acknowledge your visitors. This is what the call- to- action is about. It is the switch to turn your visitors into your strongest allies- your customers. 


CTA is the direct line that connects content writers to their visitors. The content writing agency will make it a point to add clear and loud CTA like- Sign our newsletter, Contact us, Sign up, Buy now, Chat with us, etc, according to the type of content. Put them in the right places that are easy to see. If possible, interview your customers and take suggestions from them. This would not only boost up your website but also make them feel valued. 


5- Marketing: Now you've added content, images, CTA and optimized your site. What else? See, the ultimate goal for a website is to have as many visitors as possible. While SEO is essential in bringing your website to a higher pedestal, it's still not enough. Before marketing, the content writing agency figures out the target audience. Once that is figured out, they will tell you exactly where and how to advertise your website. 


The social media platform is the most common medium to share your website. If possible get paid ads from Facebook or online. Make contacts with other content writers and share links of your website in theirs. You can also opt to write an article on a guest website and share the link to your website in the end. More visitors equals more traffic, which is then recognized by search engines to hike up your ranks. 

These are some of the key tips that are applied by the content writing agency for a successful website. The internet is a vast place. Play your cards right and your website will be recognized in no time. 


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