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hr staffing solutions in bangalore By teamplus india

  in Business | Published 2019-05-21 02:51:26 | 19 Reads | Unrated


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Inbound Recruiting: Marketing for Recruitment Agencies


Inbound recruiting is the methodology used to create a remarkable experience for job seekers and future  employees by producing specific branded content that will increase your Employer  Brand perception and improve your relationship with both hr staffing solutions in bangalore active and passive  candidates in different stages of the recruiting process.


The concept of Inbound Recruiting came from the term coined by Hubspot fo

r marketing: a process of generating  hr staffing solutions in bangalore relevant and engaging content to attract, engage and satisfy customers, allowing them to drive their own journey and convert when they are ready.



The overarching proposal of inbound recruiting is to use recruiting content marketing, social media and search engine optimization tools to reach top talent (the HR customers) when they’re still not actively looking for a job to let them engage and connect with your brand - and turn them into candidates once they’re ready to actively look for a job. 

Long story short, is the way of engaging qualified candidates to convert them into applicants and grow your hr staffing solutions in bangalore talent pool, making sure you can interact with them in all stages of the recruiting funnel  until becoming your employees.



The Importance of Inbound Recruiting

In times where there is such a strong “war for talent”, with a much higher demand than supply, companies need  to stand  out to get a chance to attract the best candidates. Posting jobs on job boards and asking for referrals on  is not enough to get the right candidates to apply.


The first reason for that is simple: sometimes the best candidates are not exactly searching for an opportunity, even though they might be available. Actually, this happens most times, as 70% of the global workforce is made of passive talent who are not searching for a job.


Second, candidates are not desperately applying for any position as before, which means they are researching a lot about a company before deciding to apply. They want to know the culture, read employee reviews and more - and that’s where Employer Branding enters. In fact, that factor is so important today that a CareerArc survey discovered that only 1 in 5 candidates would apply for a position in a1-star rated company.


That’s why having enough content available and digital marketing elements like a good career site, an  hr staffing solutions in bangalore updated Glassdoor page, being active in social networks and having a good candidate  relationship  management strategy in place are key to make candidates want to  apply for your position among so many others.



How to do it right

In order to start using inbound techniques to optimize your current recruiting strategy, it’s mandatory that you have a clear brand promise, company culture and value proposition. It’s also important that you develop a very transparent and strong relationship with your current employees, as they are the ones that will build or break your employer branding - actually, 72% of employees who had a bad experience is likely to share that in social media. Last, you need to produce quality content and have a series of inbound recruiting strategies in place to create a real engaging experience with candidates.


hr staffing solutions in bangalore


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