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Unlock the Proven Secrets to Christian Book Promotion

Posted by Nicholas Jarder | Published 2012-04-21 02:17:41 | Writing

Writing a book is one thing Publishing it is another...

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Christian Publishing 101

Posted by Nicholas Jarder | Published 2012-04-21 02:23:55 | Writing

Out of the list of professions that could benefit from book publishing, the Christian ministry is one that is bound to benefit the most out of it There is no better way to share God’s messages ...

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How to Publish a Book For Free

Posted by Nicholas Jarder | Published 2012-04-21 02:33:22 | Writing

Getting a book published is no easy task It requires a strong combination of patience and perseverance, and anyone who is not serious enough in his endeavors may end up quitting halfway through...

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Christian Self Publishing Success Principles

Posted by Nicholas Jarder | Published 2012-04-21 02:43:34 | Writing

As with any other self-publishing endeavors, Christian self publishing needs a whole lot of effort and commitment in order to sell successfully Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing puts all ...

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The Blueprint to Writing a Great Christian Book

Posted by Nicholas Jarder | Published 2012-04-21 02:52:17 | Writing

Writing a Christian book is not a task that everyone can master—or more precisely, not everyone is willing to try But what a writer needs to know is that he doesn’t need to be a respecte...

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